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February 26, 2010

University Library Committee Minutes
Friday, February 26, 2010
Murphy Board Room, Room 318, Wisconsin Historical Society

ULC Members Present: Tim Allen, Steve Barkan, Phillip Braithwaite, Ken Frazier, Peter Gottlieb, Sandra Guthrie, Debra Helman, Cynthia Jasper, Allison Kaplan, Joseph Kemnitz (chair), Lee Konrad, Carrie Kruse, Anna Lewis, David Null, John Pfotenhauer, Lisa Saywell, Julie Schneider, David Weimer, Pam Wilson 

  1. Tour of Newly Remodeled Historical Society Reading Room (Peter Gottlieb)

  2. Approve Minutes from December 2009 meeting.

  3. Director's Report (Ken Frazier)

    To follow-up on the tour of the recently remodeled reading room, Frazier mentioned that the library has been very interested in supporting the remodeling of student spaces.  There are two Madison Initiative proposals that the libraries are participating in to look at new learning spaces, particularly in regards to teaching math and languages. One proposal focuses on Wendt and the other on College Library, but it might be that that money cannot be used for remodeling purposes. 

    There was a discussion of Frazier’s talk on the digital humanities as a part of a panel in celebration of the Year of Humanities.  At that talk Frazier proposed the creation of a Digital Humanities Initiative that might result in a Digital Humanities Center in coordination with the libraries.  It would be a space to support the community doing such work and would emphasize collaborative work environments and less of a highly technical infrastructure.  Ken was joined on the panel by Michael Witmore who is leading the Digital Inquiry working group that is housed in Memorial Library.

  4. University Archives and Records Management Presentation (David Null)

    Overview of archives and records management services offered by the UW-Madison Libraries. Null’s unit is responsible for the records management of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and houses the official university records.  They are also responsible for documenting and preserving the history of the university.  They do outreach to various campus groups, departments and programs, as well as to organizations and individuals across the state.  All of their holdings are located in MadCat and they are building various new ways to discover their materials from creating digital collections through the UW Digital Collections Center to creating exhibits on their website.  New technologies and ways of sharing information have lead to changes in how the archives are able to maintain records from student enrollment to course descriptions to the staff directory.  The archives also maintains biographical files and subject files much of which has come through University Communications.
    The UW archives has been developing online collections which now include 2500 photos, the Badger Yearbook, class albums, the alumni magazine and various oral histories.  In fact, some clips from the thousands of the oral histories created by their Oral History Program are now available at  iTunesU and their website.

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