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November 03, 2009

University Library Committee Minutes
Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Room 362 Memorial Library

ULC Members Present: Tim Allen, Steven Barkan, Ivy Corfis, Ken Frazier, Cynthia Jasper, Allison Kaplan, Joseph Kemnitz(chair), Ernesto Livorni, Sarah McDaniel, Katherine McMahon, Jocelyn Milner, John Pfotenhauer, Lisa Saywell, Ed Van Gemert, David Weimer 

  1. Approve Minutes from September 2009 meeting.

  2. Director's Report

    The annual report from the University Library Committee was presented to the Faculty Senate on November 2, 2009, by Ken Frazier and the ULC chair, Joseph Kemnitz.  This presentation went very well and Frazier thanked the committee, and particularly the chair, for report’s successful reception.
    Frazier gave a brief overview of current budget situation.  $1.3 million was cut from the General Library System budget this fiscal year, which was a 2% reduction.  This also included the elimination of 11 positions in the General Library System, in addition to the absorption of various types of work from the 6 positions cut from Ebling Health Sciences Library.

    Frazier shared a draft of his presentation that will be given at the Deans’ Council.  The presentation emphasized downsizing the library system, disruptive changes for library staff, repurposing library space, partnerships with faculty, in-library collaborative partners, benchmark measures for libraries, and library usage data.

    Discussion ensued and suggestions were made in regard to the content and clarity of the presentation.

  3. Discussion of the Common Book Program, "Go Big Read" (Sarah McDaniel)

    Sarah McDaniel discussed the Go Big Read program. This is the first year of the program and it has been so successful that next year’s planning has already begun. McDaniel indicated that the event with the author Michael Pollan was very well attended, drawing over 8,000 people. Additionally the book is being used in over 131 classes this fall, and has it has been the focus of numerous public lectures and discussions. So far the program has distributed 8,628 books to faculty, students and staff. The organizing committee is taking suggestions for next year’s book selection until Nov. 30, 2009. If you are interested in finding out more about the program you can visit the Go Big Read website.

    A committee member complimented the program on its efficient distribution of the book selection. Discussion ensued in regard to next year’s program and book selection.  





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