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September 23, 2009

University Library Committee Minutes
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Room 362 Memorial Library

ULC Members Present: Steven Barkan, Phillip Braithwaite, Krista Coulson for Pamela Wilson, Ken Frazier, Jean Gilbertson, Sandra Guthrie, Debra Helman, Cynthia Jasper, Allison Kaplan, Joseph Kemnitz, Lee Konrad, Carrie Kruse, Anna Lewis, Ernesto Livorni, Sarah McDaniel, Katherine McMahon, Jocelyn Milner, John Pfotenhauer, Richard Reeb, Lisa Saywell (minutes), Julie Schneider, Ed Van Gemert

  1. Introductions

  2. Review Committee Charge

    Faculty policies and procedures (sent out to members).

  3. Election of the 2009-2010 ULC Chair

    Professor Joseph Kemnitz kindly agreed to stand for re-election and was elected as chair by unanimous vote.

  4. Appointments

    Campus Planning Committee—Tim Allen has agreed to serve on this committee (Ed Van Gemert will go over pertinent items with him prior to the Planning committee meeting next week)

    Memorial Library Committee—Ernesto Livorni

    Archives Committee—Joe Kemnitz

  5.  Approve Minutes from April 2009 (approved by acclamation).

  6. Directors’ Report

    Ken Frazier (KF) introduction to the directors report:

    Indicated a major initiative is currently “Go Big Read” program in collaboration with the Chancellor.

    KF will be focusing on major strategic initiatives and Ed Van Gemert (EVG) will be handling the operational issues for the libraries.

    EVG will represent library administrative issues on this committee.

    KF gave explanation of Library administration and was asked whether the reorganization of the Graduate School will have an impact on this.
    At this point unclear but there have been no signs that this will have an impact.

    KF gave explanation of the library structure and the various libraries on campus.EVG explained the organization of library collections within this structure and it was mentioned that the General Library System assumed responsibility of ILL operations for Health Sciences.

    Library administration currently facing issues around how the libraries provide services to faculty, staff and students with limited resources and what services will the library provide moving forward and how will this be done.

    Question was asked as to whether library administrative structure was available on the web?  It is not available at this time.

    Review of the 2009-10 Library Budget:

    - 1% base reduction, collections, supplies, personnel
    - Covered an unfunded 2% raise approx. $100,000 for classified staff
    - Cut $800,00 and 9 FTE
    - $1.1 million reduction is in process--this will happen in a little less than 2 years
    - Not be hiring as before—will have a smaller staff
    - Cuts will have an impact on our operations
    - Need to have a conversation how best to provide services and collections might mean closing libraries—print collections that are little used but take up space etc.

    Repurposing of spaces, strong presence in the academic departments—embedded in academic departments and in libraries. State capital expense effort to try and get money for a phase two collaboration with the WHS was not successful. There is a FPM—lease option in Verona Business Park—can build building in about 4 months and get this through building commission—lease/purchase agreement. Still need to consult with Vice Chancellor Bazzell about this proposal –Need to make decisions about the size, environmental controls and operations about this—plan on putting materials in this building—RR will be working on this. Focus on inactive storage—hold an electronic copy on campus—why store print copy—make sure dependable electronic copies.

    Need to clear more out of Memorial Library—might need to move more to an active storage—retain unique material in active collections.

    How do we use Middleton and Steenbock storage—do we need to keep these?

    Active Inactive storage—staff to move things in and out of facility

    Does not involve the WHS—does not preclude our collaboration on a future building—need to move materials—near Mendota Mental health facility.

    New option does not need to go through the State building commission. No land cost reduces cost $4million for consructing the building—rent for 5 years with renewal is a possibility.

    Collections, Richard Reeb (sent to members) --handed out memo regarding to reduction of print subscriptions. Focused on 5 major publishers.
    Retaining the print adds 5-10% on to the cost. 500 subscription conversions will represent $50k savings. Will look at additional publishers in 2010—Oxford, Cambridge—just need to make sure that the electronic information is secure and accurately represents the print subscriptions
    JP asked a question about Open Access journals—some of the journals included are hybrid journals that allow authors to pay for Open Access to their work.

    Planning assumptions (EVG):

    Memo in preparation for visit from Paula Kaufman—see EVG email

    Unsettling and challenging topics—goals to provide high quality services and collections—how and where we provide these services could include consolidation, or reassigning staff to do different work. Cuts made without layoffs—will continue to try to do this. Paula’s visit was one way to talk to a peer institution regarding how they are dealing with these issues.

    Evaluate usage of campus libraries— Want to survey deans and dept. chairs in regard to library service expectations— Libraries need help in making these decisions—sensitive issues and they may cause concern—outcomes might result in change and the libraries want to get it right. Need to create a model for talking about these things—libraries plan to start by talking to folks in the physical sciences.Speak to four major areas on campus to get sense how libraries are used and the expectations of services and a plan to move forward with regard to library spaces and collections. Need to provide quality services rather than focusing on closing libraries per se. JK—suggested meeting with Center directors as well. Many other institutions are addressing these same issues. Provost looking for library direction in these areas—need this committee’s help moving these issues forward.

    Google Books:

    Google Settlement—many issues now rest with the Dept. of Justice. Does the class action represent entire class? Sole license to distribute orphan works. Are rights holders being adequately informed? Case delayed but the agreement is not dead. Area to be careful-currently we get a copy of everything back with limited restrictions on that content—if Google restricts what we get back and its use that will be our line, we want no further erosion on that topic.

    Draft ULC annual report:

    JK presentation of the draft report. Will meet with university committee in Oct. and then it will be presented to the faculty senate in Nov. if questions or comments let JK or EVG know.

  7. Announcements/New Business

    Please bring issues to committee meeting and they will be placed on agenda.





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