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April 14 , 2009

University Library Committee Minutes
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Room 362 Memorial Library

ULC Members Present: Pam Wilson, Tim Allen, Ed VanGemert, Heather Weltin (Guest), Lis Owens, Richard Reeb, Deb Helman, Sandy Guthrie, Gabe Gossett,  Carrie Kruse,  Joseph Kemnitz-Chair,  Anna Lewis, Sheila Stoeckel (notes for Sarah McDaniel), Steve Barkan-Law, Joseph Mason

  1.  Approve Minutes from March 2009 (approved by acclamation).

  2. Directors’ Report:

    New Library Friends Magazine Available:
    Principles ULC covered appears in Ken’s letter in publication. New this year is statistics to take a look at. Tomorrow 5:30 banquet Friends Lecture (Historical Society Auditorium). Ken is the guest speaker to talk about collections and donor of collections.

    6 million request for E-Resources wasn’t included in the government budget.  Additionally, the perseveration facility request wasn’t included in the budget.  Ed may talk to FPM for a local solution.  Middleton Facility only has space for 200K volumes and is planned for green space in the Campus Master Plan. Historical Society portion is funded (except for additional 8 million…Ed not sure what that might mean).

    Libraries are asked to make a 1% reduction ($250,000).  Is manageable:  $80,000 out of collection budget (replaced with Big 10 money), $50,000 out of S&E line (replaced with gift funds, will have travel impact), $150,000 out of personnel line (several vacant positions will not be filled.  E.g., 1/3 of LTE budget, ½ of Circ position). We were looking at the possibility 4-5% reduction, the library will NOT need to make that reduction (GLS only).  Ebling will need to go through a significant cut (5%).  As result GLS is looking to consolidate some GLS services with Ebling (e.g., ILL and Document Delivery, Cataloging Services, Acquisitions of Journal (will need to look at some sort of escalator system for the high cost of Medical Science journals)). Consolidating and reducing duplication will be key to budget issues (Wendt Library as a model for ILL consolidation). Vice Chancellor said we need to become smaller over time. ULC members ideas, advice, opinions are definitely welcome.

    Law school budget reductions will need to come from staff as well.  Reductions would be school wide, not service/area specific.

    11% cut to supplies budget for MERIT/School of Ed.

    Thursday: Undergraduate Symposium at Memorial Union.  Second annual Research Award to recognize research done using library resources (2 awards).  Posters are mostly printed at College Library (subsidized). College Ethnic Studies Presentation –PBS “We Should Remain” series tonight at 5:30 (GLS, College, WHS sponsoring, Student Association). Will also be filmed by “University Place Series." Janice Rice was awarded Outstanding Women of Color recipient. 

    MERIT doing READ posters ($2 per poster).

  3. Featured Program: ILL & Document Delivery (Dave Luke = Technology & Richard Reeb = Collections to come):

    Consolidated from 6 shops to 3 (Memorial/GLS, Ebling, Primate). Majority of campus WiLS does all lending.

    Free online Document Delivery. Reallocating staff to help staff on campus document delivery across campus (15 libraries participate).

    Purchased Rapid ILL software (fast way for articles—24 hour turn-around time required to participate). 

    ILL Report Passed Out: Borrowing requests increase each year.  Articles have the highest number of requests (other campuses experiencing this trend also, used to be monographs). SFX has increased requests because ILL is integrated into FindIt. Graduates/Faculty borrows at highest rate per person, Undergraduate have the most requests due to large undergrad population. Turn-around time has significantly improved (3 days to 1.5 days). Soft limit of 50 requests per week per individual.   Some students are working for faculty will request more.

    ILL works with Collections staff (e.g., better rates for article purchases through publishers, acquisitions integrated into the flow).

    Budget Caps/Controls that could be put in place (e.g., Undergraduate Caps on requesting).

    Stopped charging $2 per article last year (cost $3 to actually get the money per article). Haven’t done a lot of publicity about it to keep requests lower. Is about 1/3 of all ILL costs.  Using existing staff has lessened the impact.

    Lending is contracted out to WiLS 12 years ago, could look at this?

    ILL = $1 Million budget

    If we started limiting services, what discussions should we have with the campus community? Currently, we don’t ask any patrons why they are requesting items.  Would be useful information. Many undergraduate students probably don’t realize that their request costs money.  Could be beneficial to convey that to users, but could sacrifice the benefit (?). Need to better understand how ILL is supplementing the Collections cuts.  We have been working that ILL could pick up the slack, but maybe at this level it can no longer do so. Feedback loop about costs.  “Do you really want it?” –immediate feedback is more powerful. ILL Currently tries to push back about “academic research” or over $100…most still request the item even with push back.

    Comments from Faculty Students: Patrons happy with turn-around time. Did a survey of patrons ~3 years ago, looking to do again.

    Collaborations/Consortia is key to success (e.g., CIC, CRL, International Lenders, publishers direct purchase). Also, innovation in methods to get materials that we don’t have (articles that we no longer purchase the journal). Still difficult to work with publisher to just buy articles, they want to sell the journal. 
  • Loriene Roy presentation on indigenous librarianship (next Wednesday afternoon).
  • Ed thanks Heather and recognizes her as one of the best ILL librarians in the country.  Heather will pass along ULC’s kind comments to her staff.





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