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April 13, 2007

Present:  Calcese, Green, Hellstrom, Lundin, Kemnitz, McClements (recorder), Silberman, Van Gemert

Others: Burton, Carr, Gilbertson, Guthrie, Helman, Konrad, Kruse, Owens, Reeb, Saywell, Schneider, Wixson

Guests: Rolf Reitz (Engineering), Dipesh Navsaria (Medical School, Pediatrics)

Discussion - Scholarly Communication: Retention of Author Rights

Van Gemert distributed additional draft copies of the CIC Provosts' Statement on Publishing Agreements and the Addendum to Publication Agreements for CIC Authors.  Van Gemert emphasized that the libraries are committed to assisting faculty in whatever ways needed to facilitate the discussion of author rights.  Retaining copyright is not the same as  open access.

Helman introduced Professor Rolf Reitz (Engineering), who spoke on his experience with the Society of Automotive Engineers.  SAE had severely limited online access to materials in the SAE library, forcing users to turn to the paper copy in some instances and impeding the dissemination of research.  Reitz submitted the SPARC addendum with a recent article and SAE accepted it with minor revisions. Reitz emphasized the importance of being active in scholarly societies. UW faculty are very important in SAE, serving on the board, reviewing papers, and chairing committees.  Serving in societies will help faculty understand the economics of publishing.  Reitz suggested that the CIC Addendum add the language from the SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) addendum covering what happens if the publisher goes to press without signing a copy of the Addendum.

Schneider introduced Dipesh Navsaria (Medical School, Pediatrics), who spoke on his use of the Creative Commons license.  In the practice of medicine, time can be of the utmost importance.  Difficulties with proxy servers and journal embargos impede the provision of health service.  He uses the Creative Commons license to allow easy access for the layperson, non-profits, and practitioners, especially those in developing countries. As a public university our output should be publicly available.   Schneider mentioned a recent NIH grant submission that couldn’t link to articles because they were inside a publisher’s web site and the agreement didn’t allow for the use of an Institutional Repository. This will be changed in the future. Burton noted that many interlibrary loan restrictions are being added by publishers. 

Lisa Saywell told the story of Professor Catherine Compton-Lilly (Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education).  The lack of publication options for practicing teachers led her to create an editorial board and publish a new online journal, Networks: An On-Line Journal for Teacher Research. All authors retain their own copyright. The UW libraries have provided her with the software to manage the editorial process and administration of the journal, which publishes approximately 50 papers per year. The journal will be permanently archived in the Minds@UW institutional repository.  This model is not sustainable for all purposes. 

Green expressed concern that authors will end up paying the publication costs if articles are freely available.  Most scholarly societies are not making money with their publications. Helman commented that this a time of change.  We must be proactive and learn the business practices of our association journals.   Green moved and Lundin seconded approving the CIC Provosts' Statement on Publishing Agreements and the Addendum to Publication Agreements for CIC Authors with the addition of the following default language from SPARC:
“However, in the event that Publisher publishes the Article in the journal identified herein or in any other form without signing a copy of the Addendum, Publisher will be deemed to have assented to the terms of this Addendum.”

Lundin and Van Gemert will take the documents to the Faculty Senate for their support.

The minutes of the February 9, 2007 meeting were approved by consensus.

Director’s Report – Van Gemert
Van Gemert will bring to the next meeting a draft letter requesting ULC support of the budget and a remote shelving facility. He would like to talk to research deans and to faculty on a departmental level.  The Friends of the Library annual dinner is April 18.

Reports from Other Campus Library Directors

CIMC – Carr
In honor of National Library Week the CIMC will be making free “READ” posters and invited all to participate.  CIMC student Renee Disch has won a School of Education student staff award.

Ebling – Burton
An exhibit “Reclaiming Midwives” opens at Ebling April 23.  Burton distributed “Engagement: 2005-2006 Ebling Library Year in Review.”  

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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