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November 30, 2006

Present:  Barkan, Braithwaite, Breckenridge, Calcese, Green, Lundin, Kemnitz, McClements (recorder), McMahon, Silberman, Van Gemert

Others: Carr, Guthrie, Helman, Konrad, Kruse, Owens, Reeb

Introductions & Minutes
Members and others were introduced.  The minutes of the 10/12/06 meeting were approved without change.

Director’s Report – Van Gemert

GLS Strategic Planning/Organization
Van Gemert distributed two handouts (General Library System chart, Collaboration and sharing among campus libraries) to better explain how the General Library System is administered.  Special Purpose Libraries and Professional Libraries are not part of the GLS.  Many of the distinctions among libraries result from where they get their funding. The Director of the GLS represents all campus libraries to the Provost, but he is not in charge of all libraries. With the assistance of the UW Office of Quality Improvement, the libraries will be undergoing a strategic planning process that may help with the organizational structure.

Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) is housed in Memorial and brokers library services to libraries throughout the state, including public libraries.  The Parallel Press publishes print-on-demand books that parallel online publications, as well as chapbooks featuring the work of regional poets and UW authors. They are meeting a publishing need in the humanities; they are publishing works outside of the mission of the UW Press. Carr mentioned that Special Purpose Libraries have different funding years. They will be sending an annual report for the next meeting.

The libraries devote a lot of work on development and fundraising. Half of one position at the UW Foundation (Niki Graham) is devoted to the libraries; other university libraries  have full-time foundation staff.  The Allen estate recently donated monies to Steenbock, Art, and Biology libraries. Douglas Schewe’s estate recently endowed the libraries with $1.5 million. There is one all-encompassing “Friends of the UW Libraries,” but the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, Primate Library, and School of Library and Information Studies all have their own Friends organizations.  Libraries also obtain funding indirectly through research grants.  Van Gemert hopes to spend more of his time on development.

Shelving Update
The Dept. of Administration is currently looking at a first phase plan for a shelving facility for the Historical Society Library and the Veterans Museum.  A second phase would include UW Libraries. UW-Madison is also purchasing nearby land for storage; we might be able to use some of that space.

Budget Update
Van Gemert has requested additional base funding and student funding.

Google Library Book Program Update
Google staff are coming next week for the first digitization planning meeting.

Annual Report to the Faculty Senate
Lundin and Van Gemert will be presenting the libraries’ annual report on Monday to the Faculty Senate.  At a future meeting they will discuss scholarly communication.

Reports from Other Campus Library Directors

Memorial / Music – Konrad
Nikki Busch has been hired as Grants Librarian to replace Elizabeth Breed, who is retiring.  A search and screen committee has been organized to hire a new director for the Mills Music Library.

The Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing has a new pilot (funded by a Brittingham grant) to prepare institutional bibliographies.  There will be a demo at a future ULC meeting.   Helman spoke to faculty about retaining their intellectual property rights and canceling a publication from the Society of Automotive Engineers.  In addition to the high subscription price, new digital rights management restrictions severely limit the viewing and printing functions. 

College – Kruse
A new Copyright Information page is available to give help and guidance on copyright issues. The Dept. of Education is conducting hearings on the high cost of textbooks. Kruse will be presenting a program on our textbook initiative in Chicago.

CIMC – Carr
The CIMC is investigating stronger partnerships with the Madison Metropolitan School District, including providing access to staff to databases and delivering materials to K-12 schools.  One new project is to digitize 100 years of annual reports from the school system.

Steenbock – Gilbertson
After one year of disruptive remodeling, their CURB (Concentrated Upgrade and Repair of Buildings) project should be finished by early next semester.  Steenbock will have new group study rooms. The University Archives will be moving to the 4th floor.

LAW – Barkan
Staff are working on a faculty bibliographic repository project.  They have been able to convince some legal publishers to make their journals freely available on the web.

Next Meetings
Future meetings will move to other campus libraries, including Wendt and the CIMC.

The meeting adjourned at 4:04 pm.

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