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October 12, 2006

Present:  Barkan, Braithwaite, Breckenridge, Burton, Calcese, Carr, Guthrie, Konrad, Kruse, Lundin, Kemnitz, Mason, McClements, McMahon, Milner, Reeb, Roper, Silberman, Van Gemert

Others:  Burton, Carr, Guthrie, Konrad, Kruse, Owens, Reeb

All present introduced themselves for the benefit of new members.

Review ULC charge and membership
Van Gemert read and reviewed our charge, available at Faculty Policies and Procedures 6.46.B.

Election of the chair
Lundin has volunteered to be the committee chair.  Silberman moved and Mason seconded the nomination.  The vote carried unanimously.  Van Gemert expressed his appreciation to Lundin for volunteering.

Appointment of ULC representatives to the Memorial Library Committee and the Campus Planning Committee
Silberman has offered to continue as MLC representative.  Van Gemert will verify with Susan Helstrom that she is willing to be the rep to Campus Planning Committee and will forward the names to Paula Gray in the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty.

Director’s report, Ed Van Gemert
Van Gemert reported that both he and Frazier are enjoying their new temporary positions.  A search and screen for a new Chief Information Officer is underway, chaired by Steve Ackerman. December 3 is the deadline for applications.

Van Gemert has had a great deal of contact with faculty, especially those in the humanities & social sciences, and he welcomes all input.  He has been working on budgets, and will request additional student monies at the end of October.  Our student wages are below most of campus and we have had no increase in 5 years.  Reeb is working on an acquisitions (collections) budget request.  The collections budget is currently $7 million.  There is a large imbalance in the monograph budget as serial prices continue to rise with 8-10% inflation.  Although we are grateful that we haven’t had a budget cut, 1999-01 was the last time that we received state legislative funding.  Lundin and Van Gemert will write a cover letter for budget requests and will show to ULC for approval.  We have been buying fewer monographs, and there are faculty requests for expensive databases that cannot be met.  UW is a pauper among our peer libraries. Campus administration has been very supportive with funds, but we need an increase from the state.

Van Gemert, Owens, and Niki Graham (UW Foundation) are targeting three areas for funding: collections, preservation, and the remodeling of Memorial Library.  They will be using a “peer review” process to have alumni help identify other alumni for private funding.  Silberman asked about specific medical databases that require special funding. Burton reported that accrediting bodies could require them for accreditation, but haven’t as of yet.

Van Gemert distributed information on the UW Libraries/Google Book partnership announced today.  Our focus will be on materials in the public domain, especially uncopyrighted state and federal documents and pre-1923 materials. History is the main focus, and the Historical Society will play a major role. Although we have our own digital collection, this is a huge financial gain for us, as well as a benefit to the preservation of our resources.  Google will digitize not less than 500,000 items over the next six years.  The cost to the Libraries will be in staff who will pull, box, and create records for the materials, as well as return them to the shelves. Irene Zimmerman will be project manager, and a team of selectors, programmers, catalogers and public service staff will work on logistics.  They will be asking for input on what collections should be targeted for digitization.  Copies will be held both on Google servers and locally.  This is an important enterprise for UW; we may need to stop doing other projects to devote time and resources to Google Book.

The English Department chair, Prof. Michael Bernard-Donals, contacted Van Gemert to see how they can help tell the story about the crisis in scholarly publishing and the need for more funding.  Van Gemert is preparing a presentation on that topic for the English and Linguistics departments, and would like ULC’s input and participation. He will show it at our next meeting.

Campus libraries director’s reports

Carrie Kruse/College Library
A new photography display from the undergraduate journal Illumination is on view at the Open Book Café. As part of the Wisconsin Book Festival, College Library will host Zinefest (including 14 workshops Oct 21) and poetry readings Oct 18.  Kruse is coordinating a new library web page dealing with copyright issues that will be available soon.

Terry Burton/Ebling
Ebling hosted a Wisconsin health information outreach conference this summer.  In addition,  Ebling academic and classified staff participated in a recent Midwest regional medical library conference, presenting papers, panel sessions, and posters.

Jo Ann Carr/Center for Instructional Materials and Computing
There is a new partnership between the CIMC and the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) that will provide information literacy liaisons, SLIS students, to classes in the School of Education, with the hopes that the modeling will continue in the K-12 environment.

Review and approve the ULC Annual Report for 2005-2006
Breckenridege moved and Lundin seconded approval of the report.  It passed unanimously.  Lundin and Van Gemert will take it to the faculty Senate Nov 6.

Memorial Library 5th floor faculty study remodeling plan, Lee Konrad
Memorial has been seeking collaborative projects with campus organizations and found a new opportunity when the Institute for Research in the Humanities lost its home in the Washburn Observatory.  Memorial’s fifth floor faculty studies will be remodeled as a home for the Institute, as well as “collaboratory” spaces where scholars, students, and librarians can interact.  A study of the current usage patterns of the fifth floor revealed that the space was underutilized.  Remodeling will create larger, nicer carrels and lockers that could be shared.  Space for programming and meetings will be included, and will include advanced technology.  Current tenants have offices elsewhere on campus, except for emeritus faculty.  Issues are being discussed with Frazier, Sandefur, Sorkin, Cook, Wolford, Van Gemert, and physical plant staff.  The Memorial Library Committee will also be involved in the plans.  A final proposal with funding needs will go to Bazzell.  If funded, they expect a December 2008 start date.


Roper asked about the status of the future off-site storage facility.  Van Gemert reported that the Department of Administration has a tiered plan that includes Wisconsin Historical Society and Archives in the first step, but remaining libraries would not be included until the 2009-11 fiscal year.  Doug Rose is in the initial planning phase for additional warehouse space for UW-Madison.  We are more than 80% full in the temporary Middleton Shelving Facility.

Van Gemert requested that ULC send him discussion topics.

Lundin asked if anyone was interested in participating in the English/Linguistics program on scholarly communication and funding.  Van Gemert requested that people wait until the next ULC meeting, where we will view the presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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