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April 26, 2006

Present: Althen, Barkan, Braithwaite, Breckenridge, Calcese, Frazier, Hellstrom, Lundin, Mason, Milner, Potter, Silberman

Others: Burton, Carr, Guthrie, Konrad, Kruse, Owens, Reeb, Van Gemert

1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 2/22/06 meeting were approved without change.

2. Announcements

Frazier passed out usage statistics for resources available through University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. These resources, most chosen with faculty input, range from Foreign Relations of the United States to the Ravenstein Atlas des Deutschen Reichs. The statistics show steady growth in the use of digital resources and demonstrate the big payoff realized when content is made available on the Internet.

3. Reports of Library Directors

Terry Burton (Ebling Library)

Staff members at Ebling Library have begun to digitize the Edinburgh thesis collection, a collection of 19th century medical theses donated by Helen Crawford.

Ebling is discontinuing the use of Ovid as a platform for many of its electronic databases. Most of these databases are available on and will be moved to other platforms.

Ed Van Gemert (Deputy Director, General Library System)

The campus-wide project to re-design the Library Web Site is progressing. Both the graphic work (contracted to University Communications) and information architecture (contracted to DoIT) should be completed by mid-July.

The Department of Administration (DOA) is finishing the programming for the proposed preservation facility. Enumeration for the project will occur next year.

This summer, campus libraries will participate in a coordinated strategic planning process.

Carrie Kruse (College Library)

DoIT soon will launch a course pack service, making course materials available in both print and CD-ROM formats. College Library staff will work with DoIT to make faculty aware of the licensed resources available through libraries and library course pages.

On April 24th, the New Illumination Undergraduate Art Gallery opened at College Library’s Open Book Reading Room. ULC members are encouraged to stop by to see the beautiful artwork of undergraduates.

Jo Ann Carr (Center for Instructional Materials and Computing (CIMC) and Special Purpose Libraries)

Jean Phillips, director of the Schwerdtfeger Library in the Space Science and Engineering Center, has won the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service to the University.

The Friends of the Libraries Board of Directors, school of education faculty, and others gathered at the CIMC on Wednesday, April 25th to celebrate the gift of art from the estate of ellsworth synder.

Richard Reeb (Associate Director for Collection Development and Technical Services,
General Library System)

The FY07 serial cancellation process already has begun. The deadline for cancellations will be August 1, 2006, about six weeks earlier than it has been in the past. The earlier deadline is in response to journal vendor requirements and is applicable to journal subscriptions, which run on the calendar year. Other standing orders, such as those related to proceedings or annuals, can be cancelled later in the year.

In FY06, campus cancelled about 500 titles totaling $380,000.

Lee Konrad (Memorial Library)

"Artistic Collaboration," an exhibit of original art created by campus library employees is on display in the Memorial Library lobby from April 19thMay 17th.

Vicki Hill, Social Sciences bibliographer, will retire in July.

Library administrators continue to explore the possible consolidation of some of the Interlibrary Loan shops on campus.

Steve Barkan (Law Library)

The Law Library underwent a reaccreditation review in March. Although the final report hasn’t been issued, preliminary feedback is mostly positive. However, the Law Library’s collection budget was described as disappointing and ineffective by members of the reaccreditation team.

The Law Library soon will begin upgrading some of the “warehouse-like” study space in older areas of the library with new carpeting and furniture to bring these areas up to the same level as the study areas in the new part of the library.

Ken Frazier (Director, General Library System)

Virginia Holtz, former director of the Health Sciences Library, recently passed away. A memorial fund has been established. Contributions can be made through the UW Foundation or directly to Ebling Library.

4. External Review of Information Technology (IT)

In anticipation of Annie Stunden’s retirement from the Division of Information Technology (DoIT), campus administration arranged for an external review of the information technology structure at UW-Madison on March 7-8, 2006. Among the questions examined by the review team were:

  • What is particularly good or bad about information technology on campus?

  • Will UW be able to recruit a quality IT administrator?

  • Is IT appropriately positioned within the UW administration?

a) Report of the review team

A report has been issued and Frazier will send it electronically to members of the ULC.

b) Relationship of campus libraries and DoIT

Although half of the UW System campuses have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who heads IT and libraries, this arrangement is almost unknown at large research libraries. Lundin and Frazier submitted a letter to the review team (attached) opposing a structure where the UW-Madison libraries are placed within the administrative responsibilities of a CIO. The letter cited the libraries’ role in academic support and as cultural institutions in opposing a combined library/IT structure. Frazier has been assured that a merger of libraries and information technology will not occur at UW-Madison.

c) IT issues of concern to libraries

Libraries do not seek to replicate IT infrastructure, but rather to build upon it and to work cooperatively with DoIT.

5. Library Budget Issues for 2006-2007

Frazier reviewed the dire situation of library collection budgets across the UW System. No increase in state funding for UW System library collections has occurred for many years and our collections are in decline. UW-Madison will work with the Wisconsin higher education community, including System campuses, tech schools, and community colleges, to try to make a case for more money. Emphasis will be on UW-Madison as the library of last resort within the state.

6. Space planning for campus libraries

University Archives soon will consolidate its collections within Steenbock Library, improving both hours for and access to archival materials. The Memorial Library space being vacated by UW Archives may be filled by the Institute for Research in the Humanities, which is losing its space in the Washburn Observatory. Frazier is currently in talks with Institute staff about a possible collaboration between the Institute and Memorial Library.


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