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September 28, 2005

Attending: Elsa Althen, Steven Barkan, Susanne Breckenridge, Sarah Calcese, Ken Frazier, Evelyn Howell, Anne Lundin, Michelle Nelson, Kenneth Potter, Phillip Braithwaite, Jocelyn Milner, Terry Burton, Jo Ann Carr, Jean Gilbertson, Sandra Guthrie, Lee Konrad, Carrie Kruse, Elisabeth Owens, Ed Van Gemert

1. Introductions

2. Announcements

Ken Frazier has received a letter from the textbook industry complaining that the UW Libraries/Associated Students of Madison brochure entitled “The High Cost of Textbooks: Options and Alternatives for Students” is unfair to the textbook industry. Ken will distribute the letter at a future meeting.

Ed Van Gemert distributed a packet of materials compiled by Abbie Loomis, Library and Information Literacy Instruction (LILI) Program Coordinator. A campus library map, LILI brochure, and informational brochures on Live Help, liaison services, and the E-Resource Gateway are included in the packet.

3. Review of the Charge to the University Library Committee

The current charge reads:

“The University Library Committee (ULC) reviews, consults on, advises, plans for, and receives reports and recommendations on the performance of library services, automation, budget, administrative structure, and allocation of resources. Responsibility for keeping the faculty informed of major issues and for creating opportunities for the faculty to discuss priorities also falls to the committee (see Faculty Policies and Procedures 6:46 B).”

During discussion, it was recommended that the charge be re-written in more straight-forward language. Ken will consult with the University Committee about procedures needed to review and re-write the charge.

4. Reports from Library Directors

Ken Frazier (Director, General Library System)

The General Library System has done well in preserving its operational budget. This budget period has seen no cuts and there has been a small increase of $250,000 related to technology, hardware, software, and content. However, UW Libraries are no longer competitive with peer institutions in the ability to support research through collections. We are unable to keep up with the cost of information. The Libraries of the UW-Madison are now in the bottom quartile of CIC institutions.

UW Libraries have been successful in raising private funds. The libraries received approximately $400,000 this year, mostly through the Parents' Fund. These funds are being used to improve spaces such as the School of Journalism reading room where an information commons is being planned.

Possible consolidation of space for UW Archives is being considered. Archives, presently with locations in Memorial and Steenbock Libraries, may be moved entirely to Steenbock Library.

The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) has received authorization to build a preservation and storage facility in the 2007/09 biennium. The Department of Administration is presently reviewing a proposal to include UW Libraries in such a facility. A preservation/storage facility potentially could house 20% of our collections.

UW Libraries continues its partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society. Because of recent budget cuts at WHS, the General Library System (GLS) has taken on government documents repository responsibilities. The GLS also works with WHS in the areas of interlibrary loan and acquisitions. The two institutions are drafting an announcement to formalize their partnership.

The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) and UW Libraries are writing a grant proposal to recruit minorities to library education and employment. The proposal is part of a larger effort to recruit minorities to libraries and library schools throughout the CIC.

The Libraries are partnering with University Communications to build an infrastructure for digital publishing using an open access model. This model prescribes that all costs are covered on the front end and resources are freely available on the internet.

 Terry Burton (Ebling Library)
Ebling has suffered a 2.6% cut in its operational budget and 9-10% cut in its collection budget. On a more positive note, the library has been chosen Library of the Year by both the South Central Library System and the Wisconsin Health Science Library Association. At a recent Midwest Medical Library Association meeting, 20% of all papers were presented by Ebling staff.

Ed Van Gemert (General Library System)
GLS currently is conducting national searches for two positions: Latin American and Iberian Studies Librarian and East Asian Studies Librarian. Internal searches are being conducted for a permanent director of UW Archives and director of Memorial Library.

Steve Barkan (Law Library)
The Law School is undergoing reaccreditation this year and the library will be examined during the process. Since the last accreditation visit seven years ago, there have been many improvements in library services, but the Law Library collections are not comparable to those at peer institutions.

Carrie Kruse (College Library)
Beginning on October 3, College Library begins a two-week drive to register students for Madison Public Library cards. On October 15, College will host the 2005 Madison Zine Fest. Plans are underway for a November poetry reading from the new online magazine Illumination .

Sarah Calcese for Deborah Helman (Wendt Library)
Wendt is in the process of recruiting for two positions, a digital services librarian and a bioengineering librarian/marketing coordinator. The library has recently cancelled over $115,000 in serials. Wendt is beginning a pilot project to set up and populate a MINDS@UW community for the College of Engineering and its departments.

Jo Ann Carr (Center for Instructional Materials and Computing; Special Purpose Libraries Group)
During Welcome Week approximately 175 new students attended the 15 th annual orientation hosted by the CIMC and the School of Education . The CIMC will join the Student Wisconsin Education Association to sponsor programming during National Education Week in November.

The Special Purpose Libraries Group (SPLG) continues to sponsor story hours for children in the Allied Drive neighborhood. The group recently received a commendation from the Academic Staff Executive Committee.

Jean Gilbertson (Steenbock Library)
Steenbock Library continues its transition to electronic-only subscriptions, converting 100 journal subscriptions to e-only in FY05 and converting 75 subscriptions in FY06. Government documents are also moving to e-only. With this transition to electronic publications, use of library space is changing.

5. 2005-06 Goals of the Library Services Council

The Library Services Council (LSC) is a director-level group that meets weekly to discuss issues having cross-campus implications, including technology, public services, collections, and technical services. Ed Van Gemert passed out the LSC's FY06 Goals and Objectives and focused on two of the goals: assessment and storage facilities. An Assessment Working Group has been formed to explore needs in space, collections and the information needs of students and faculty. An off-site storage facility has gained support from both the Department of Administration (DOA) and Facilities Planning and Management (FPM).

6. Discussion of ULC issues and agenda items for future meetings

Future meetings will consider the following issues:

a. The concept of space needs to be more fully-explored by the ULC. Library as place is especially important to undergraduates as indicated in recent surveys. Space is also a critical issue in the science libraries where the movement to electronic only publications is accelerating. Libraries comprise nearly 1 million square feet of space on the UW-Madison campus.

b. The ULC needs to advocate for collections to campus administration on behalf of library users.

c. Evelyn Howell suggested that ULC needs to work on strategies for supporting library staff .

d. Developments in scholarly communication should be explored, including open access initiatives and the recent announcement of projects by the National Institutes of Health and Google.

7. Scheduling ULC meetings for 2005-2006

Meeting days may vary in the future to accommodate those who cannot meet on Wednesday afternoons, but for October and November the committee proposed to continue meeting on the last Wednesday of the month at 1:30. The next two proposed meetings are scheduled for October 26 and November 30.

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