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April 6, 2005

Attending: Elsa Althen (minute taker), Jim Baughman (chair), Phillip Braithwaite, Susan Breckinridge, Jim Buckett, Terry Burton, Jo Ann Carr, Hilary Edwards, Ken Frazier, Jean Gilbertson, Sandra Guthrie, Deb Helman, Susan Hellstrom, Lee Konrad, Carrie Kruse, Anne Lundin, Lis Owens, Ken Potter, Richard Reeb, Teryl Roper, Marc Silberman, Ed Van Gemert

1. Introductions and Announcements.

Members introduced themselves. Each person said what author, living or dead, they would like to be able to invite to the Terrace for a beer.

Provost Peter Spear is retiring in December. The support of the next provost will be critical for the library. Frazier will be volunteering for the search committee.

Frazier and Van Gemert met with the campus space planning committee. There will not be space for a 13,000 square foot Music Library. Space costs $450/sq .ft. for academic buildings and $1,000/sq .ft. for performance buildings. The Wisconsin Historical Society has a building approved for preservation.

The Parents' Fund will be used to support: new furniture for Memorial and Art Libraries; compact shelving for Art; and 4 additional vaults for Memorial Special Collections.

The Middleton Storage Facility is almost ready for occupancy.

2. Reports from Directors.

Terry Burton: The Medical School is receiving a 2.3% cut in 101 funds. This amounts to a $150,000 – $200,000 shortfall for next year.

Jo Ann Carr: The CIMC is being realigned with the Instructional Media Development Center. Jo Ann will be in charge of both.

Carrie Kruse: College Library will be replacing the last of their old chairs and the 1970's “cube chairs” with the support of the Parents' Fund. The fund will also pay for a large screen monitor that students can plug laptops into. They are conducting a survey of users regarding environment issues.

Deb Helman: Wendt Engineering Library is creating a new kind of space on the 1 st floor using Parents' funds. The College of Engineering is freezing positions due to budgetary constraints. This will impact at least 1 position in the library.

3. ULC Faculty Senate Resolution passes.

Frazier distributed the Faculty Senate resolution concerning “open access” which passed in the April 1 st Senate meeting, as well as a similar resolution from UC Berkeley. He stated that similar resolutions are being passed “hand over fist” at other universities, some of which apply stronger language than our own. Anne Lundin thanked outgoing chair Baughman for his work in getting this resolution through the senate.

4. Issue Statement for UW-Madison library preservation facility.

Van Gemert distributed an issue statement that has been submitted to the Campus Planning Committee. The statement outlines the pressing need for additional library shelving space, and is premised on cooperation with the Wisconsin Historical Society and UW System. A remote storage facility is critical to the redefinition of campus libraries. It will provide a place to store low-use but nevertheless important material. Materials will be moved back and forth between the storage facility and campus libraries. This effort will require the support of the ULC as it progresses.

The Middleton Storage facility is only a temporary solution to the libraries' storage problem because it is going away after 8 to 10 years.

Ed stated that when a patron requests an item it will be transparent to the user which storage facility the item is coming from.

Facilities Planning & Management determines the priority for new buildings.

5. Acquisitions Budget needs for 2005-2006.

Frazier talked about the budget for next fiscal year. We will receive no new state money. Campus libraries need $900,000 as a minimal addition just to keep pace with inflation. The Law Library can make a good case that they are now at the bottom of their peer group. Likewise for the Engineering Library. He plans to make a case with university administration for money.

Burton reported that Ebling Library will distribute a complete serials list to all Medical School faculty and ask them to rank them as to importance. They will also ask the question, “what are we currently not getting that we need to get?”

Helman reported that Engineering will again need to cut numerous titles, and may do something on the order of what Ebling is doing.

Gilbertson talked about the need to convert more titles to “electronic only” and rely even more heavily on Library Express for article delivery of cancelled titles. Members expressed some concerns that accompany the move to “E-only” subscriptions: 1) Our ability to be interlibrary loan lenders will be compromised because of license restrictions on ILL; in turn, the amount we're able to lend effects the amount we're able to borrow; 2) we are committed to fulfilling obligations regarding last print copy in the CIC for certain titles.

6. Updating the library strategic plan.

Frazier stated that in a fixed-budget environment, a public planning process is very important. We place a high premium on quality of services: the 24 hour library is still important, as is quality of lighting and availability of both group and individual study spaces. Also, given the culture at UW, the physical library will be an important focus of the plan. The GLS will conduct focus groups, beginning with the biosciences. Student representation is very important in the process. Ken will have a library staff meeting to communicate about the strategic plan sometime this summer.

Public relations: a full-page ad for libraries appears in the latest Alumni magazine, and Bo Ryan will be doing a TV spot for campus libraries. Ken will increasingly be active outside the library fostering these types of activities while Ed and others will be running the library from the inside.

Baughman thanked the committee for their contributions.

Meeting adjourned.

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