University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

March 19, 2001

Present: Alanen, Boyd, Hellstrom, Honeywell, Kleinhenz, Osborn, Seeger, Triplett, Vaughn, Wendt

Ex Officio: Barkan, Braithwaite, Frazier

Others: Contreras, Dean, Gilbertson, Guthrie, Murray, Norcross, Pfahler, Pitschmann, Reilly, Senzig

1. Announcements & Reports from Directors. Frazier stated that he would be working with students who staff the UW Foundation phone bank to solicit donations for the Parents Enrichment Fund. Libraries are again the principal target for this year's campaign. Projects which the fund has allowed include the Memorial Library first-floor teaching room and study hall. A cyber cafe is being planned for College Library. - The new UW Policy supporting transfer of students at 2-year campuses to UW-Madison will mean that libraries will get organized to provide services at a distance to these students. - Libraries are not dead yet with respect to a funding increase. There is an ongoing effort to keep libraries in the budget and a need to institute a cost-to-continue principal. Frazier thanked the ULC for its support of the budget request.

2. Minutes. Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

3. Annual Report. Vaughn announced that the annual report needs to go to the Faculty Senate office in April. Various members volunteered to draft sections.

4. Online Subscriptions (Nature). Triplett expressed concern that the libraries have decided not to subscribe to eight online databases collectively called Nature. The lack of a subscription, Triplett noted, places a strain on faculty research budgets. He regularly refers students to articles in the databases. The price is approximately $20,000. Frazier noted the same discussion is going on in research libraries across North America and that the situation presents a case study of issues campuses will increasingly face. He states there are three reasons the libraries have been resisting: 1) price, 2) an embargo on a portion of the content for three months (necessitating continuation of paper copies as well as the electronic version), and 3) libraries would be renting content only for as long as the license is in force. Triplett said that a representative of Nature assured him that the topic would be on the company's spring/summer meeting agenda. ULC agreed to revisit the situation in the fall to give the national research library community time to negotiate an acceptable license option.

5. Student Parking. Christina McCabe and Mike Dean from ASM presented the SafePark Program idea, which would allow increased access to university parking lots near libraries after business hours. The program is still in the discussion stage. ULC unanimously passed a motion, recognizing the need for inexpensive and safeparking to support student access to libraries after 5 p.m.

6. Storage Facilities Subcommittee. Frazier asked ULC to create a subcommittee to help set up criteria for what goes into storage and to develop a service model. Vaughn will call on people to participate.

7. Portals Demonstration. The demonstration was tabled until the April meeting.

8. Next Meeting. The next ULC meeting will be April 16 at 1:30 p.m. at Wendt Library.

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