University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

February 15, 2000

Present: Boyd, Bromley, Bush, Caldwell, Gordon-Walker, Honeywell, Petrov, Triplett, Uhlenbrock, Vaughn, Watwe

Ex Officio: Barkan, Frazier, Rider

Others: Carr, Dahlen, Gilbertson, Murray, Pfahler, Pitschmann, Reilly, Van Gemert, Wanserski

1. Announcements. Caldwell reported that he has submitted an NSF proposal in partnership with campus libraries focusing on the KIDS website project.

2. Minutes. Minutes of the December meeting were approved.

3. Reports. Frazier informed the committee about the Collections of Information Antipiracy Act, a bill before Congress which would create for electronic information an end-run around many public domain exemptions from copyright. He indicated that the bill, if passed, would have far-reaching, negative effects on libraries and faculty members. He also announced that he will provide space for the new Center for the Humanities in Memorial Library (space with no user impact) and that on March 23 he and Phil Certain will host a luncheon for new faculty hires to which all ULC members are invited.

Gilbertson stated that libraries have received an endowment of more than $400,000 from a former cooperative extension faculty member for collections and student assistance benefiting Steenbock Library.

4. Wendt Library Overview. Murray and Wanserski provided an electronic tour of collections and services in the library. The Library serves the school of engineering plus the departments of computer science, statistics, and atmospheric and oceanic sciences. The Wisconsin Tech Search program last year filled 30,000 requests for information from Wisconsin individuals, businesses, and organizations, including patent information. Wendt is currently involved in adding Web-based resources to the online catalog.

5. Faculty Bills. Van Gemert explained steps libraries were taking to undo mistaken bills which were sent to faculty. The bills have been canceled, renewals entered, and affected faculty contacted.

6. Health Sciences Building Project. Dahlen reported on plans for the new health sciences learning center. She also discussed three-year goals for health sciences libraries, including collection assessment projects. The libraries conducted 144 educational sessions last year. Program concepts for the new facilities include integrated learning, collaboration, and integrated access and delivery. The anticipated start date for construction is August 2001.

7. Space Planning. Frazier distributed a "state of the stacks" report for review and discussion at the March meeting. The view that technology will solve the problem of stack space is not borne out by the report. The assumption that the new health sciences facility will only have five years of growth space prompts a serious discussion of projecting space needs and planning for growth across the campus. Libraries are looking for approaches as the 1990 addition to Memorial, which has been used as planned for storage, nears capacity in the next few years. Any plans will have to meet the needs of users. To this end, Frazier has appointed a staff committee and ULC is invited to participate on the committee. (Triplett has since volunteered to be the ULC liaison and has been added.) An initial report is due June 15.

8. Electronic Library Changes. Pope reported that the planned servicing of the Voyager system in January went well. Because of library technology workarounds, the catalog remained available to users during the outage. Everything was back in business before classes started. The vendor needed the systems to come down to fix problems; the results seems to indicate the inconvenience and extra work was worth it. Library technology group staff are monitoring performance.

9. Other Business. Petrov noted that feedback from student users on a regular basis would be useful. Frazier agreed and will help set up a survey process through a library administrator with interest and experience in this area.

10. Next Meeting. The next meeting will be March 21 in Room 220 of the Teacher Education Building.

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