University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

December 14, 1999

Present: Boyd, Bush, Gordon-Walker, Honeywell, Uhlenbrock, Vaughn

Ex Officio: Barkan, Braithwaite, Frazier, Rider

Others: Carr, Guthrie, Gilbertson, Graham, Murray, Null, Nurre, Pfahler, Pitschmann, Reilly, Senzig

1. Minutes. Minutes of the November meeting were approved.

2. Reports from Library Directors. . Frazier announced that the libraries would be bringing down the Voyager system January 7-17 for necessary maintenance and an upgrade. The public catalog will be available. The principal impact will be on staff during this period. Frazier also reported that libraries would begin increasing the number of digital library projects, including an Africana slides and sounds. Projects being considered are often collaborations with faculty and the UW Press. Meanwhile, demands for physical space will not disappear. He distributed the libraries' 1999 space survey, noting that the largest libraries have the greatest burden in shifting once they reach 75-80% of capacity. There is a queue of parties on campus interested in the future of the Middleton Library building. Bush stated that space planning would be placed on the ULC agenda for second semester.

Murray reported that Wendt now has 640 electronic periodicals represented in the catalog. Library staff want to do more in representing Web resources in the catalog.

Gilbertson stated that more than 3,000 full-text journals are now available by title list on the electronic library.

3. Increase Lapham Collection. Guest Rob Nurre reported on searching the remains of the collection, an early and major collection for the University. Of approximately 1200 original books, Nurre has found more than 400 extant. Lapham books will be on display in a number of campus libraries throughout the holidays.

4. Library Development. Guest Niki Graham of the UW Foundation discussed the enormous potential for libraries as they build a development program. They do not constitute an easy constituency, because there is no defined graduate group. However, research libraries across the country are finding that donors are there. Frazier commented that Graham's presence as the point person for libraries within the Foundation has made a substantial difference in a short period of time. Graham also discussed the composition and workings of several boards of visitors for campus departments. She stressed that potential board members be told from the start their mission; the biggest sin is to have nothing for a board to do. Frazier recounted a recent trip to Dell Computers in Texas. He said that libraries would be receptive to a recommendation from ULC that they explore formation of a board of visitors for libraries. APPROVED.

5. Other business. ULC members will be placed on the invitation list for a new faculty hires luncheon to be held in Memorial Library on March 23.

ULC will meet Tuesday, February 15, 2000, at 3:30 in 329 Wendt Library.

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