University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

November 23, 1999

Present: Boyd, Bush, Caldwell, Gordon-Walker, Honeywell, Osborn, Petrov, Reiersgord, Triplet, Uhlenbrock, Vaughn, Watwe

Ex Officio: Barkan, Braithwaite, Frazier

Others: Alanen, Carr, Cook, Gilbertson, Kunde, Lee, McCabe, Murray, Musolf, Pitschmann, Reilly

1. Minutes. Minutes of the October meeting were approved.

2. Reports from Library Directors. In response to a recent Isthmus article, Frazier explained that libraries will be involved with publishing as part of their mission to provide access to new knowledge and will actively collaborate with the UW Press and faculty in projects but is not now planning to take any administrative responsibility for the Press. However, it remains an important ally of the Press. - Bush, Frazier, and Reilly met with Niki Graham of the UW Foundation and received helpful advice concerning the Board of Visitors concept which arose at a previous ULC meeting. - Frazier will set aside $50,000 for purchase of multimedia materials for the social sciences and humanities. This comes from the model of one-time funding Steenbock has received in collaboration with the Center for Biology Education. Steenbock will license items for use by the wider university community. - A request from the Center for the Humanities for space in Memorial Library will be explored.

Gilbertson announced that a list of electronic journals alphabetically by title is now available on the electronic library.

Carr stated that the Center for Instructional Materials and Computing is involved in several fall programs. CIMC now has ERIC full text dating to 1996; access will extend to the entire campus.

3. Steenbock Library Overview. Gilbertson reviewed the scope of the library's collections. Medium-rare materials are being sent to Special Collections. Digitization is a possibility for extending access to such materials. The library houses a collection of historic cookbooks, and example of an endowed collection there.

4. New Business. A suggestion was made to have a report on the health sciences library that will be constructed as part of the new Medical School complex.

5. Preservation of Archival Materials. Bush welcomed University Archives Committee members to a joint discussion of the preservation of electronic materials. Vaughn, Chair of the Archives Committee, reported that it is a complex issue for the campus. Discussions began last spring. Frazier reviewed a recent CIC/Coalition of Networked Information conference on the subject, indicating that we are in an incunabula (cradle) period of electronic information in which formats are occurring in rapid succession. The problem, however, does not yet warrant a large investment by University administration among many competing priorities. Thus, there is a need for smaller projects preserving certain useful categories of items. Kunde distributed a proposal for such a project, involving preserving course catalogs from 1997 on. Cook stated that, for the first time, society is producing information in formats not comprehensible without machinery. The scope of University Archives includes the UW-Madison campus, UW System, the Center System, and Extension.

Gilbertson discussed plans for the basement of Steenbock, which will include additional space for Archives with compact shelving. CALS will move out over time.

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