University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

February 9, 1999

Present: Anderson, Bromley, Bush, Caldwell, Dodson, Gordon-Walker, Honeywell, Osborn, Petrov, Uhlenbrock, Vaughn

Ex Officio: Braithwaite, Draine, Frazier, Null, Holman Weisbard

Others: Carr, Gilbertson, Guthrie, Murray, Pfahler, Pope, Pitschmann, Reilly, Senzig

1. Minutes. Minutes of the December meeting were approved.

2. Report from Personnel. Guthrie reported on her participation on the campus student wage committee. Libraries employ an average of 600 students a month. - More and more retirements are shaping the library of the future. - A new Librarian in Residence Program is in place in the GLS this year. It involves a two-year appointment for a new librarian and is intended to help increase minority representation within librarianship by promoting research library careers.

3. Report from the Future of Academic Publishing Subcommittee. Anderson distributed copies of the draft report. She stated that the subcommittee came to realize that the topic is huge. ULC reviewed the draft and provided feedback.

4. Libraries of the Future Subcommittee. Uhlenbroch distributed and reviewed his subcommittee's draft report. ULC reviewed the draft and provided feedback.

5. Report from the Chair. Bromley set a calendar of deadlines for working through additional drafts of the subcommittee reports and executive summary: February 19 (feedback to subcommittee chairs; distribution to full ULC); February 26 (responses to chairs); March 3 (draft of executive summary to ULC); March 16 (final report discussed and edited).

6. Report from the GLS Director. Frazier discussed Library Legislative Day, at which the UW System budget request almost stole the show. There is great hope that the request at some amount will make its way into the Governor's budget. - There are similarly positive responses coming from the UW Foundation regarding assistance with major gifts. - The reaccreditation visit to libraries would benefit from having a representative from ULC present. - Space will become an unwelcome issue in the future. Even if libraries control growth they are facing the need for an addition 2 miles of shelving per year. Study is needed regarding how this can best be accomplished, but additional library space must begin to be contemplated.

7. Next Meeting. The next ULC meeting will be held March 16 (because of spring break) at Wendt Engineering Library.

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