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October 13, 1998

Caldwell, Dodson, Gordon-Walker, Honeywell, Uhlenbrock, Vaughn, Wilcox
Ex Officio:
Braithwaite, Draine, Null, Holman Weisbard
Carr, Gilbertson, Murray, Pfahler, Pitschmann, Reilly, Senzig

1. Minutes. Minutes of the September meeting were approved as submitted.

2. Announcements. Vaughn (for Bromley, who was out of the country) distributed copies of a Chronicle of Higher Education article about the retention of copyright debate at Cal Tech. He reminded people of the upcoming Center for Print Culture's conference, "Does Democracy Depend on Print Culture?" He then reviewed questions for the year (sent separately by email after the meeting). Uhlenbrock indicated that Bromley and Frazier were supporting another meeting with Elsevier, and an invitation will be extended when they are back.

3. Report from Lou Pitschmann. Pitschmann reviewed a recent meeting with Department of Administration and UW System to discuss the budget request. He distributed documents discussed at the meeting.

4. Report from Donna Senzig. College Library, Senzig noted, is considered a showcase for what campus libraries are trying to provide for undergraduates. It is emphasizing development of an electronic collection, many resources for which are now funded by temporary funding from UW System. In addition the teaching program, which reaches 80 percent of new students, is proving effective. College still has more than 1 million people entering its gates per year. A decrease in the number of books checked out is balanced by an increase in the use of online resources.

5. Report from Jo Ann Carr. Carr stated that the IMC is now the Center for Instructional Materials and Computing, reflecting a recent national model for combining content, equipment, and production for faculty and students within a single unit. Carr reported on the Special Purpose Libraries on campus and distributed a report. The roles of these libraries are changing. Some serve international roles. Many have strong teaching support roles. And some are serving more of a research role in response to the GLS inability to keep up with rising materials costs. The changing boundaries of constituencies and services in an online environment are among the greatest challenges the libraries are facing. The number of loans to public school teachers has doubled since the CIMC extended courtesy cards.

6. Report from Tom Murray. Murray demonstrated the new online journal cost benefit report. The report was announced to ARL directors recently. Libraries are expecting interest from publishers. Murray also discussed the document delivery services task force set up by Frazier to look at internal campus delivery mechanisms as well as intercampus issues.

7. Report from Jean Gilbertson. Steenbock cancelled $33,000 worth of serials this fall. Emphasis was placed on reducing duplication with Health Sciences Library and Biology Library. Out of the $33,000, 14 duplicates worth $26,000 were cancelled. The plan is to get campus-wide access to electronic versions of heavily used journals instead of maintaining duplicate print subscriptions. Based on user input (including the ASM hours survey, Steenbock is experimenting with longer weekend hours. She also reported that library staff members now offer many training programs outside the library (in departmental labs and classrooms). This has been popular.

8. Next meeting. The next meeting will be at College Library on November 10.

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