University Library Committee

Ask a Librarian

April 14, 1998

Anderson, Becker, Bromley, Bush, Dodson, Honeywell, Kolinski, Vaughn

Ex Officio:
Braithwaite, Gilbertson, Schofer, Steinberg, Weisbard

Apple, Guthrie, Murray, Pfahler, Reilly, Senzig, Van Gemert

1. Minutes.
Minutes of the March meeting were approved.

2. Report of the Chair. Maher stated that a ULC request was included in a recent memo by John Wiley on academic program approval. Maher attended a meeting of the University Committee. He talked about the annual report.

The automation subcommittee has suggested that it no longer needs to exist.

3. Reports from Directors. Pfahler (for Frazier) stated that Frazier was at a SPARC meeting, Pope was reading RFP reponses, Pitschmann was working on statewide databases, and Pfahler was working with OCLC. In other words, cooperation at all levels is necessary these days.

Gilbertson stated that in a response to the 24-hour library quest last year, Steenbock has extended its hours. Faculty are saying they want to participate in sharing stories about the impact of the budget.

Van Gemert stated Memorial Library was open Easter evening and was busy.

Braithwaite said that the regents will continue to receive information regarding libraries.

4. Intellectual Property Subcommittee Report. Anderson distributed a proposal to invite John Wiley to a meeting with ULC, UW Press, and campus journal editors in fields in which journals have had significant annual price increases. She reviewed meetings with four editors of journals. Bush suggested that promotion and tenure policies are closely guarded by the faculty. Bromley stated that divisional committees are the more likely places to talk. The proposal was amended to substitute "policies" for "policy" and remove the word "these."

5. ULC Annual Report. Maher gave the annual report to the University Committee because of the UC's early deadline. He will correct typos and add changes from the intellectual property subcommittee proposal. THE REPORT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Chuck Martin at the State Journal is considering a special section in a Sunday issue of the newspaper on libraries.

6. Pew Round Table Report. Members recommended that Ken send out the Pew report widely.

7. Services and User Education Subcommittee Report. Bush distributed the report and reviewed its contents. The subcommittee focused on two issues mainly during the semester. The first is a circulation rules review which found that the rules are working reasonably well. The second is a fines policy. Van Gemert said that a survey of other libraries which he had conducted indicated different prices, but many items are out-of-print here. A question arose whether faculty are taking full advantage of library services and staff expertise. Mechanisms and venues for fostering library contacts may be a discussion item in the future.

8. Collections and Resources Subcommittee Report. Becker had nothing to add to the e-mail which was sent out and garnered few responses. Pfahler will alert member librarians so they can ask their department committees to respond. Staff will meet with ULC members to strategize.


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