DebitCard Forms & Information

To use most campus photocopiers, laser printers and microform reader/printers, patrons will need a DebitCard to pay for copies/prints.

White DebitCards

Patrons can purchase DebitCards from numerous wall unit locations throughout campus. These cards are White DebitCards, cost $1.00 and are encoded with $.75 cents. Additional money can be added to these cards. DebitCard Sites can order White DebitCards for wall units by completing the Order White DebitCard Form. Please send forms to DebitCard Central Processing at 348 Memorial Library or fax to 265-2754.

Red DebitCards

Campus Departments can purchase Red DebitCards for $10, $25 or $50 by using the Purchase Red DebitCard Form and mailing it to 348 Memorial Library or faxing it to 265-2754. Departments can add more money to Red DebitCards by using the Re-Encode Red DebitCards Form. Please bring them to 348 Memorial Library for re-encoding, or contact Sherry Kanetzke at 262-2853 to arrange pickup.

DebitCard Problems

Please note that DebitCard does not issue refunds for copy cards. Problems with DebitCards can be reported by using the DebitCard Problem Form or patrons can take their card to room 348 Memorial Library for assistance. Non-functioning cards should be brought to Memorial Library, Room 348, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 3:45 pm.

Contact Information

Contact Sherry Kanetzke for information about DebitCard policies, procedures, equipment repairs, and maintenance.