Printing & DebitCards

The General Library System will begin replacing the current copy card system over Winter Interim 2015. See this page for more information.

The Libraries offer black & white, color, and poster printing (see below for locations).

What are my payment options?

Black & White Printing

Cost: $.07 per page/ per side


*Select locations offer dual-sided printing.  Contact the library for more information.

Color Printing

Cost: $.60 per page


  • Chemistry Library
  • College Library
  • Ebling Library
  • Geography Library
  • Memorial Library
  • Merit Library
  • Steenbock Library

Poster Printing

Cost: $3.00/per square foot ($3.00 minimum)


  • College Library
  • Merit Library

Ways to Pay

**Note that not all options are available in every library or at every print station.**

There are 3 ways to pay for printing at library print stations:

  1. DebitCards
  2. Print Account
  3. Wiscard Account.


This is the method that has been used in libraries for many years, and is slowly being replaced in some locations by NetID-based accounts.

To print using a DebitCard, you purchase a physical card from a DebitCard machine, then insert it into a reader next to a printer when you release your print job.

Note that DebitCards can also used to pay at many photocopiers on campus.

NetID-based Accounts

Using your campus ID, you can pay for printing at InfoLabs and some libraries with funds you have deposited in either your Print Account or your Wiscard Account.

To print using a NetID-based account, you login to the print release station with your NetID. More information about these accounts, including how to add money to your accounts is on the Printing on Campus Web page.

  • Print Account
    This account can ONLY be used for printing and does not charge a fee for adding money to the account. Note that you MUST use the Printing on Campus page ( to add money to this account.
  • Wiscard Account
    This account can be used for a variety of purchases on campus. You can deposit online with electronic check for no fee or with a credit card for a 2% fee.