Papers for Mac or Windows is a citation manager focused on helping researchers “collect and curate” papers iconresearch material.

  • A Papers 3 license entitles you to use Papers 2 for Mac, Papers 3 for Mac, and Papers 1.5 for Windows
    • You can activate up to three computers at a time
    • Licenses can be used with both Papers for Mac and Papers for Windows
  • Papers for Windows syncs with Papers for Mac and Papers for iOS
  • Requirements
    • Papers 3: Mac OS X Lion and above
    • Papers 2: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and above
    • Papers 1.5: Microsoft Windows XP or later
    • Papers iOS: iOS 6 and above, 2nd Gen iPad, iPhone 4 or newer

Customizing Papers for UW-Madison

For Mac and Windows

  1. Click SETTINGS in the top right of the screen, the select ACCESS
  2. Select University of Wisconsin-Madison from the drop down menu
  3. In the LIBRARY WEBSITE URL box, type the following URL:
  4. In the Domain field, enter:   if you want HTTP Proxy enabled.

See the Papers customization site for more information.  Please note that Papers has not updated its support pages to reflect the new design of the product.

For iOS

  1. In the sidebar, tap SETTINGS then scroll down to the PROXY SETTINGS area
  2. In the PROXY SETTINGS box, enter:

While searching within Papers, if you encounter a journal website that is access-restricted, tap the address bar to invoke an action pop-up.

  2. Papers Login/Authenticate pop-up
  3. On the Libraries’ Remote Access to Library Resources page, tap LOGIN WITH YOUR NETID

See the Papers for iOS customization site for more information.

Help from Papers