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What is the difference between popular and scholarly articles?

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What makes an article scholarly?

A scholarly source is a publication, such as a journal, that includes papers and articles which document and discuss the results of original research. This is one of the primary methods used by researchers to communicate the results of their research to others in their field of study. Consequently the language used is often technical and discipline specific. The research is submitted to the publisher in a format which includes the methodology used to conduct the research and the results of the research. Sources are documented in a bibliography and the credentials of the author(s) are given in the paper. The scholarly source publishes the research after it has gone through a process of review by a panel of experts in that specific field of study, and has fulfilled the requirements of a scholarly article.

What makes an article popular?

A popular source is a publication, such as a newspaper or magazine that you could buy in a grocery store. It includes papers and articles reporting current events or summarizing general research. It is one of the primary methods used to communicate information to the public. Articles are usually a short overview of a topic presented in everyday language. It is often illustrated with pictures and advertisements. The information is written by journalists and they are often unnamed. Sources may be quoted, but there are no bibliographies.

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A list of resources (books, journal articles, or other documents) about a specific subject. May fill a whole book or be at the end of a book or article.    (Bates College, Ladd Library Glossary)
Trade Journal
A periodical devoted to disseminating news and information of interest to a specific category of business or industry. (ODLIS)

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