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Is my article scholarly?

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If it is, then yes will be the answer for most of the following:

  1. Is the article written by experts (scholars) in the field?
    • Author's name is always included in scholarly articles.
  2. Is the article written for experts (scholars) in the field?
    • Articles written for the general public are NOT scholarly.
  3. Does the article report the results of research or does it analyze or interpret other research studies?
    • Often scholarly articles include a description of research methods.
  4. Is the article long?
    • Scholarly articles tend to be long (more than five pages in the humanities and more than two pages in the sciences).
  5. Does the article have a bibliography?
    • Scholarly articles always have a bibliography.
  6. Does the article title contain technical language?
    • Scholarly articles often use language that is technical and discipline specific.
      e.g. "Nonparametric Regression Techniques in Economics"
  7. Does the title of the journal seem to be very specialized?
    • Scholarly articles often come from journals focusing on specific topics.
      e.g. Journal of Applied Physics or Historical Methods
  8. Does the journal have an editorial policy that includes peer review?
    • Peer reviewed articles have been assessed by other experts in the field before publication.

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A list of resources (books, journal articles, or other documents) about a specific subject. May fill a whole book or be at the end of a book or article.    (Bates College, Ladd Library Glossary)
Learning concerned with human culture, especially literature, history, art, music, and philosophy. (Oxford Dictionary of English)
peer review
The process in which a publication is submitted by the prospective publisher to experts in the field for critical evaluation prior to publication. (ODLIS)

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