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Another question you must ask yourself - how accurate is a specific resource?

screen capture, "The Ruthless Global War Against Women" by Linda Averill.  IN THE U.S., the number of single-parent households on welfare has tripled since the 1960s, with most of them headed by women.  Congress rightly calls this a national crisis.  But the problem, say these legislative patriarchs, isn't an economy that deprives women of childcare and a living wage.  It's out-of-wedlock births and fatherless families.  Their solution: deny public aid to these unvalued families.  In Afghanistan, when Islamic fundamentalists seized Kabul in September, they yanked girls and women from schools and work and sent them home.  Women who appeared in public without being covered from head to toe were beaten in the streets.  The Taliban are cut from the same political cloth as the mujahideen, the U.S.-supported guerrillas who fought Afghanistan's Soviet-backed government in the 1980s.  In Mexico, two-thirds of maquiladora workers are women.  For a few dollars a day, they toil long hours in export sweatshops owned by multi-national corporations like Sony.  Miscarriages and injuries are common because environmental and job safety laws are non-existent -- and will remain so, thanks to NAFTA.

This article by Linda Averill makes a number of statements about maquiladoras, including the following:

Two-thirds of the workers are women
Pay is a "few dollars a day"
Factories are owned by multinational corporations

In order to judge the accuracy and validity of such statements, you need to ask several questions.

Can you tell if the author is an authority on the subject?

Does the author provide the sources for her information?

Might you be able to verify the information in other sources?


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