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Detail of "Alto a Guardian" by the Border Arts Workshop. Each skull represents a person who has died in an attempt to cross the border in the San Diego sector since the wall was erected.

Detail of "Stop Operation Gatekeeper", ©Women's Studies, Smith College


Try your detective skills on another website.

screen capture, Google entry for "What is a Maquiladora? Manufacturing in Mexico: The Mexican ..." ... of corporate domicile; registration with State Tax ... more nights in Mexico during the year ... law on a maquiladora is the same ... Fund. Pregnant women are granted leave ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

Although one can learn a lot from a URL, examining the site itself reveals more:

screen capture, "What is a Maquiladora? Manufacturing In Mexico: The Mexican In-Bond (Maquila) Program". This article is electronically reproduced with permission from the Mexico 2000 Business Directory (Click for more info.). Your Passport to Mexican Business. 

After slicing through all of the numerous definitions that cloud this question, the answer is, simply, that a maquiladora is a Mexican Corporation which operates under a maquila program approved for it by the Mexican Secretariat of Commerce and Industrial Development (SECOFI). 

A maquila program entitles the company, first, to foreign investment participation in the capital -- and in management -- of up to 100% without need of any special authorization; second, it entitles the company to special customs treatment, allowing duty free temporary import of machinery, equipment, parts and materials, and administrative equipment such as computers, and communications devices, subject only to posting a bond guaranteeing that such goods will not remain in Mexico permanently.

Ordinarily, all of a maquiladora's products are exported, either directly, or indirectly, through sale to another maquiladora or exporter. The type of production may be the simple assembly of temporarily imported parts; the manufacture from start to finish of a product using materials from various countries, including Mexico; or any conceivable combination of the various phases involved in manufacturing, or even non-industrial operations, such as data-processing, packaging, and sorting coupons.

Who sponsored or provided the content for this site?

Mexico Connect Business
Mexico 2000 Business Directory
Any of the above.

Which of the following best describes the purpose of this site?


As you have no doubt surmised, this site would be of interest to people looking for potential businesses or investments. It will characterize the conditions within the maquiladoras from the standpoint of owners and managers. In a research paper, however, having information from a variety of sources is an asset rather than a liability, as long as you understand what perspective each represents.

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