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How accurate is the information I find on the Internet? Why was a specific website created? Who created it? An authority? How can I verify information I find online? Why are there so many questions to consider?




Choosing to use a commercial search engine works best when you have a very specific search in mind that uses uncommon words, a phrase, or some combination of both.

Because all sites with the words in them will be retrieved without any human selection process, this technique requires some knowledge of and attention to evaluating the sites for content and point of view.










The Thinker by Auguste Rodin





This tutorial examines various websites retrieved, using the Google search engine, on the topic of women workers in Mexican maquiladoras (export-industry factories). The Google search is: maquiladora OR maquiladoras Mexico "women workers". You don't need to include AND between the words because Google does this automatically. The words "women workers" are put in quotation marks so Google will look for this as a phrase rather than as women AND workers. (For more information about constructing power searches in Google and other search engines, follow the links to "Evaluation Links" located throughout this tutorial.)

To begin the tutorial, click on any of the questions posed by The Thinker. You can do any or all of the five sections. When you finish all of the modules, be sure to test your knowledge by taking the QUIZ!

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