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HOW accurate ?

A further way to check accuracy is to see if you can verify the information in another source. Look at the Google listing and think about how you might verify the information elsewhere.

screen capture, Google entry for Sweatshop Watch: Landmark Study on Mexican maquiladora workers ... A Study of the Purchasing Power of Maquiladora Workers in Mexico 2000, from CREA.

The screen capture below features an excerpt from a Sweatshop Watch article titled "Lessons from Mexico's Maquilas: Dispelling the Myths of Free Trade."

screen capture, Sweatshop Watch, April 2001.

At the beginning of the article is a link to the Maquila Solidarity Network, which, it turns out, is the source of much of the information cited later in the document. It is always important to note the original source for facts, statistics, interpretations, etc.

Further down on the page, the article discusses testimony by maquiladora workers at the Custom Trim factory at a hearing by a U.S. government agency. You will want to verify that the hearing took place as reported.

screen capture, Sweatshop Watch, Case #2 Custom Trim Workers.  On December 12, 2000, 20 former employees at the Custom Trim and Auto Trim factories in Valle Hermoso and Matamoros, Mexico testified at a hearing of the US National Administrative Office (NAO) about the tragic health and safety problems suffered by themselves and their families, and the failure of the Mexican government to enforce its health and safety legislation.  The NAO hears complaints under the NAFTA labour side agreement.  Joaquin Gonzales testified that he had become addicted to the glues he was exposed to every day at work.  Bruno Lopez spoke of the death of his son from spina bifida and of being told by his doctor he could not give a blood donation to help save his child because Bruno's blood was poisoned.

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