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Evaluating Websites:

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries' "Checklist for Evaluating Web Sites"
Easy to use and makes a great hand-out for classes.

Beck, Susan. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: or, Why It’s a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources.  1997.

Univ. of California Berkeley Library has a series of useful pages about evaluating websites:

"Web Page Evaluation Checklist," by Joe Barker
A downloadable form version of a checklist

"Evaluating Web Pages: Experience Why it is Important," by Joe Barker
Includes several groups of sites on the same topics, with tips on evaluating them

"Critical Evaluation of Resources," by M. Phillips
Applies evaluation criteria to books, articles, and websites.

Understanding and Evaluating Search Engines:

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries' "WWW Search Strategies," by Barbara Lazewski:
Includes information about search engines, databases, and more.

"The Best Search Engines," by Joe Barker

"Google – the BEST search engine (almost always)," by Joe Barker

Search Engines Feature Chart, by Greg R. Notess

Concise chart comparing how major search engines handle AND/OR/NOT, truncation, sorting, and more. Includes links to longer reviews of each search engine.

International Women's Issues: Search Engine Tutorial, Evaluation




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