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Below please find a selection of quiz questions to test your knowledge and retention of the concepts presented in this tutorial on Internet Search Engines. If you would like to review the material in question, just click on the "quiz icon" to jump to the section of the tutorial which explores this particular topic. [Use your browser's "Back" button to return to the quiz.]

Good luck!

Which of the following is not a clear marker of a writer's AUTHORITY?
Affiliation with an institution or organization.
Pet photos.
Extensive footnotes and bibliography.
Clearly specified contact information.

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While on the topic of AUTHORITY, what are some ways that a person could be considered an authority on a specific subject?
Be a professor in a field related to the subject.
Be employed in some capacity related to the subject.
Send away for a certificate from "Rolling Stone" magazine.
Have authored a book or numerous articles on the subject.

When analyzing the URL for a website, what can you learn?

The last time the site was updated
Whether or not the site's creator has a specific political affiliation.
What type of organization/body is sponsoring the site.
How many people access the site on a daily basis.
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Which of the following is not a URL suffix?

If you want to find an article that you know has been published in a journal, what should you NOT do?

Check your library catalog for the name of the journal.
Check your library catalog for the author's name.
Search an online database like "Academic Search."
Ask a Reference Librarian.

If you discover that a potential source of information on the Internet was produced by a student for a class project, what can you do?

Dismiss it entirely.
Mine the bibliography for additional primary and secondary sources.
Determine if the paper's argument is valid by polling the crowd at Happy Hour.
Submit the work as your own.

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