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Test your new-found knowledge on the important role metasites can play in finding relevant information.

What is the definition of a metasite?
A really complicated website.
A database.
Site about other sites.
A site without any images.
Which of the following would NOT be helpful in locating a useful metasite?
A commercial search engine.
Academic department homepages.
Non-commercial directories of academic websites.
Bathroom graffiti.
When trying to find out more about an organization through its website, which links are the best to try?
Additional links, Search ...
About, History, Mission ...
What's New, Current Events, Publicity ...
Miscellaneous, Feedback, Forum ...
PDF stands for "Paper Documents Free."
What two types of materials make up the deep (hidden) web?
On-line Games and Chat Rooms.
Private E-mail and Instant Messages.
Databases and Text Files.
Government Documents and Intelligence Files.

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