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Here's an opportunity for you to test your analytical skills and determine which type of publication produced the following articles.

The first is "Walking Well Upon the Earth" by Lucy Powers.

screen capture of "Colorado Woman News" logo, a blue link which states "Click for Publication Information" and article information:  Colorado Woman News, 1/31/2001, p. 48; Word Count 864; Walking Well Upon the Earth, Author: Powers, Lucy; Article: It is a new year.  Aspirations are rekindled as we reflect on possibilities.   A common resolution is to lose weight, get in shape and be healthier.  Walking is one of the finest and easiest exercises we can do for ourselves.  Its benefits are profound to our overall health and well being.  Recently, in a health food store, a beautiful majestic woman grinned at me from across the room.  I thought, "She must know me from somewhere!" so I smiled big back to her, walked over to her and said "Hello!  Do we know each other?  Have we met before?"  She answered, "No, but I can see you walk well upon the Earth!"  Thus began a new relationship!  Her words about walking well upon the Earth triggered a deep reunion in me because I knew she meant more than physical walking.  What do her words mean to you?  Our being healthy and fit has a ripple effect.  Our walking outdoors says to our community, "This is a friendly and safe place to be.  I belong here."  The environment benefits when we notice nature and pick up trash.  Without saying a word we are a role model for others.  As we greet others we all feel our ... (and various menu keys).

How can you easily find out more information about the publication containing this article, in this instance Colorado Woman News?
Ask a reference librarian
Use Google or another search engine to find their website
Click on the magazine's logo or follow the link provided
Consult Miss Cleo

Having chosen the correct response, you will discover the following page...

screen capture for information about NWSA Journal listing extensive information about the journal including its website address:, its Chief Corporate Officer, Publisher, Editor, Staff, Address, Telephone, Type of Publication, Circulation, Language, Frequency, Start Date, etc.  Colorado Woman News is a news magazine that targets successful and upscape business and professional women.  Articles focus on business and careers, arts and entertainment, health, money, fashion, and sports.  The magazine also includes profiles, interviews, book reviews and consumer and financial news.

After analyzing the information provided, what type of publication is Colorado Woman News?
Academic journal
National newspaper or news journal
International publication
Local or regional publication

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