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1. KNOW YOUR METASITE: The first thing to do is examine the structure of the site. Look at "International Women's Conferences, Concerns, and Resources":

screen capture of <> the  "International Women's Conferences, Concerns, and Resources" page created by the UW System's Office of the Women's Studies Librarian.

What are the content categories?
feminist theory, history, and literacy
Political parties, transnational corporations, and non-profit organizations
Human rights, development, communications
Reproductive freedom, religious persecution

On this page are links to other large, or "mega" sites that themselves have numerous links, and to full-text databases to which the UW-Madison libraries subscribe (check your campus library to see which ones it offers). To use the metasite effectively, scroll down the page, or jump to the various sections on humans rights, development, or communications, networking and general sites. Notice that each section also directly links to:

"Mega-sites on ..." (large sites with links to others on the same subject)


another page with "More Sites on ..."

Because the United Nations has such a confusing array of divisions and documents pertaining to women and gender, the metasite has also pulled together and described many of them on a separate page.

screen capture of <> the  "United Nations Sites with Women and Gender Information" page created by the UW System's Office of the Women's Studies Librarian.

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