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  syn·o·nym : words or expressions that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses

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Try a search on another subject, applying what you have learned, and using some other features of LEXIS-NEXIS.

This time the topic is the
education of girls in India.

The simplest search you can do puts the three search terms highlighted above in the in the second search box. It is also possible, however, to expand your options by modifying the search slightly.

1. You could decide, for example, that
"girls" is narrowing the search too much and leave it out. After all, you are searching a database segment that is entirely on women - and, by extension, girls. Thus, you could remove the term "girls" from the search and compare the number of hits.

2. You can also try to think of synonyms or other words that would be as useful to us as
"education." For example, you could include words such as: school, schools, training, learning, student, pupil, instruction, literacy, etc., connecting them to each other with the "or" connector.


What process can you use to ensure that you will retrieve all of the relevant items related to a particular word stem?
Random chance
Do you remember the symbol that LEXIS-NEXIS requires be added to a word-stem?

One final note - if you are searching on more than one concept, enclose the operation you want the computer to do first within parentheses. In this example, enclose all of the synonyms for education within parentheses so that the computer ORs them before connecting them to "India." You may also set up your search terms using all of the search boxes...

... just be sure that Contemporary Women's Issues is "and-ed" to the rest of the search, while the others are "or-d."

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