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"... windows must be painted over so that no male passerby can see the
dreaded female form lurking in the house. This particular stricture, combined with the burqa, has led to an outbreak of osteomalacia, a bone disease caused by malnutrition and lack of sunlight."

Katha Pollitt, The Nation, October 22, 2001

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The search topic is women in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Since ALL of the articles in "Contemporary Women's Issues" deal with women, which of the highlighted terms should you NOT use in our search?
None of the above
Since you want all of the articles to deal with Afghanistan and the Taliban, you need to put both of these terms into the other search boxes. Can you guess which connecting word - AND, OR, or NOT - will tell the database that both words must be present?

To find articles on this topic, you should enter "Afghanistan AND Taliban" in the second and third search boxes, leaving AND as the connecting word. Remember to tell the database to find these terms anywhere in the FULLTEXT of the article.

Entering "Afghanistan OR Taliban" would retrieve more articles, but some might be about women in Afghanistan during other eras or about women and the Taliban in countries such as Pakistan.

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