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  "Poor farmers in Afghanistan have resorted to trading their daughters off to pay their debts, with the ban on growing opium poppies preventing them from settling their loans the standard way."
We!, February 2001

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Finding Articles from Women's Publications within Lexis-Nexis Academic & Library Solutions

All University of Wisconsin System campuses subscribe to Lexis-Nexis (L-N). Several levels down within it are thousands of articles from women's perspectives and publications that are from the database "Contemporary Women's Issues" (CWI). If your campus subscribes directly to CWI then your search will be easier to perform directly and you will have access to the entire collection; but if not, you can find many of the same articles by using Lexis-Nexis.

Your first step will be to check your campus library's list of databases and see if CWI is among them. If so, use the link provided and enter CWI. Perform your search as per the directions.

If CWI is not one of the databases offered by your campus library, find the link to Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (L-N) and click on it.

The database opens in a "Quick News Search." However, the articles from Contemporary Women's Issues are accessed through "Guided News Search."

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