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GenderWatch articles come from a range of publication types, and it is important to understand how to recognize them, particularly if your professor has asked you to confine your citations to scholarly articles. The main types of publications in GenderWatch are:

academic journals1. scholarly, academic journals
national newspapers and magazines 2. feminist newspapers & organizational newsletters from the United States

international publications 3. international feminist newspapers & organizational newsletters

local publications4. local and regional magazines targeted to women

GenderWatch also includes men's magazines, including Male View, which supports "men, masculinity and the traditional family;" publications such as Ex Femina, from the Independent Women's Forum, which "affirms the family as the foundation of society," rejects the view that women are victims of oppression, and promotes individual recognition "without regard to group membership or classification;" and reports, such as Hostile Hallways: The AAUW Survey on Sexual Harassment in America's Schools."

Using the results of a subject search (an advanced screen feature) for "peace," this tutorial will examine an example of each main type.

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