Course Info:

BIOCHEMISTRY 621, BOTANY 621 (Plant Biochemistry)
Doe, Jane
Fall 2006-2007 LEC 005 MWF 01:20 PM to 02:10 PM

Library Contacts:

John Doe, Steenbock Library, fake email 265-5555

Library Course Materials:

Use RefWorks to help format your bibliographies for your Genetic Engineering presentations. Use this Quick Guide to get started.

Directions for transferring your journal article records into RefWorks are below.

* Import records from CAB or Agricola into RefWorks
1. Click in the box to the left of desired records
2. Click on the Disk icon at the right of the screen.
3. Click in the radio button to the left of Export to Refworks.
4. Select desired save options.
5. Click on OK in the upper right of screen.

* Import records from Ecology Abstracts or Environmental Science & Pollution Management
1. Select citations to save by clicking the check box next to each citation.
2. Click on RefWorks on the top right of the screen.
3. Make sure the radio button is selected for Marked Records.
5. Click on Export to RefWorks.
* Import records from Proquest Newspapers.
1. Click in the box to the left of desired records or check the box to the left of Mark All.
Note: Mark All only marks the records on the page, not all the records retrieved from a search.
2. Click on Export at the top of the results list.
3. Click on Export Directly to RefWorks.

For other databases see Moving Citations into RefWorks.


last updated: August 7, 2006