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While Memorial Library is not a United Nations depository, it does hold a number of United Nations documents and publications. The guides listed describe how to find general information sources on the UN, and UN sales publications, Official Records, and mimeographed documents at Memorial Library.

For additional help on finding these and other UN publications, please contact the government documents reference librarian (262-9852; bharper@library.wisc.edu), or ask at the Reference Desk, Room 262.

General Information
Start here if you're looking for information such as:
  • what the UN did in a particular year
  • what peace-keeping operations it's involved in
  • what its budget is
  • what different UN agencies do
  • what nations belong and when they joined
  • other general information.

UN General Indexes: Finding UN Publications by Subject, Title, or Author
How to use UN-produced indexes to identify UN publications and documents.
Locating UN Documents at Memorial Library
How to find UN documents and sales publications at Memorial Library, once you have a citation or a UN "call number."

Finding Information About ILO or UNESCO Instruments at Memorial Library
How to find basic information (texts, ratifications) about International Labour Organization (ILO) or United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Instruments.

Using UN Materials at Memorial Library: Tips for AfroAmer 424/WST 424 Students
Guide created for the AfroAmer 424/WST 424 class on Women's International Human Rights.

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