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ILO Conventions

Text and ratification information Other background information

Text and ratification information - electronic source

The texts and ratification information for ILO conventions are available from the ILO's ILOLEX site,

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Texts and ratification information - print sources

  1. Determine the ILC session and year the convention was adopted by checking:

  2. Using the number of the session the convention was adopted at, locate text:

Ratification information is included in Lists of Ratifications by Convention and by Country (as at 31 December 1998), described above.

Other background information

In addition to the... may want to check the following publications:

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UNESCO Instruments

Text and ratification information Other background information UNESCO documents

Text and ratification information

To find the text and ratification information for an United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) instrument, check:

UNESCO's Standard-Setting Instruments; Incorporating Supplement 3 (1994). Paris: UNESCO, 1981.
  • All tables of ratification, accession, etc. are valid as at 31 December 1993.
  • Includes the texts of instruments, followed by a list of ratifications, acceptances, accessions, and notification of succession, as well as declarations and reservations for some instruments.
  • Instruments organized first by topic, then by type of instrument, then chronologically. There are 3 types of instruments:
    1. Conventions, agreements, and other texts subject to ratification
    2. Recommendations not subject to ratification
    3. Declarations, charters not subject to ratification
  • Location: Memorial Reference Stacks, AS 4 U8 U565 1981

UNESCO. Conventions and Agreements of a Standard-Setting Nature... web page.
  • URL:
  • Full text for selected UNESCO instruments, in the areas of:
    • copyright
    • cultural heritage
    • protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict
    • recognition of studies, diplomas and degrees in higher education
  • Arranged chronologically

Other background information

In addition to the... may want to check the following:

UNESCO documents

Memorial Library has selected UNESCO documents, going back to 1946, in the Government Documents Collection, Stack Level 2M South, aisle 1-2. Most documents are C or EX documents.

Full text of selected UNESCO documents are available from UNESCO's UNESDOC web site (
  • Documents included:
    • Speeches of the Director-General beginning in 1987
    • Executive Board beginning in 1995
    • General Conference beginning in 1995
    • Resolutions and Decisions beginning in 1946
  • Can search documents by keyword, or browse by type of document and date or session.

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