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Parliament (Home Page:

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Index to Parliamentary Documents:


Australia's Legal System:
Includes sections on "The Parliamentary System" and "The Process of Law-Making".

House of Representatives

Home Page:
The home page functions as a gateway for all House of Representatives information, which includes information on members, committees, legislation, and publications.

19 factsheets explaining how Parliament works: topics covered include making laws, debate and division, and the budget and constitution.


Home page:
The home page functions as a gateway for all Senate information, which includes information on senators, committees, legislation and publications.


Bill Digests (1990 - present):
The Digest is prepared for debate. It describes the legislation as introduced and does not list subsequent amendments.

BillsNet (1998 - present):
Gives PDF versions of the House and Senate daily bills list, lists of current bills, with the bill text and explanatory memoranda or proposed amendments, and excise and customs tariff proposals.

Hansards (Parliamentary Debates) (1981 - present):
Hansard produces proceedings of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Main Committee of the House of Representatives; transcripts of evidence given before parliamentary committees; and transcripts of some ministerial and other conferences. Senate and House Hansards are available in two formats: PDF (back to 1996) & HTML (back to 1981).

Contains the following databases:
  • Commonwealth legislation, including Acts, Regulations and Bills.
  • Commonwealth case law, containing court decisions from the common law courts and tribunals.
  • State and Territorial legislation, containing legislation (statutes) from the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and South Australia.
  • State and Territorial case law, containing court decisions from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Australian Law Online:
Australian Government entry point to all Australian Government legal resources. Official site of the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department. Contains:
  • all Australian Commonwealth legislation
  • many current Commonwealth court and tribunal decisions
  • some Australian State and Territory legislation and case law

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Other Sites


Australian Bureau of Statistics:
You can view some statistical tables from this site for free, but some tables are available for a fee or subscription.


Australian Commonwealth Government:
Contains entry points to commonwealth government, parliament and legislation, and departments and agencies.
Australian Government Entry Point:
Contains entry points to the state and territory governments, local governments, political parties, courts and legislation, diplomatic and consular offices worldwide.

Judicial Sites

High Court of Australia:
Contains annual reports, judicial calendar, case summaries, judgments, speeches and transcripts.
Law Foundation - Database of Court Cases in Australia (1947 - present):
A database containing over 6,500 reported and unreported cases of the High Court of Australia. Decisions handed down after 1947 are available in full text; decisions handed down before 1947 just have the case name and cases cited. This site is provided and supported by the Law Foundation of New South Wales.
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