Youths Marching

Photo Caption No. 6 (Below)

In the generalized offensive and simultaneous uprisings in the four months from January 31 to May 31, 1968, the South Viet Nam patriotic forces inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

- Killed, injured or captured 295,000 enemy troops (including 104,000 American and satellite troops);

- Caused to disband hundreds of thousands of puppet troops;

- Wiped out and heavily decimated 4 armoured regiments, one multi-battalion paratroop unit, 103 battalions, 463 companies and 15 motorized units;

- Downed and destroyed on the ground 3,850 aircraft; destroyed 7,500 military vehicles including 4,000 tanks and armoured cars, sunk or set ablaze 470 vessels and combat launches; blown up 490 bridges;

- Razed to the ground and forced to surrender or to withdraw more than 1,100 posts;

- Destroyed thousands of troop cantonments; ammunition stock-piles, gasoline drums and other war means.

(Excerpts from the 7th special communique of the South Viet Nam P.L.A.F. Command)


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