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Vietnam Wars: History 319.

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Duiker, William J. Historical Dictionary of Vietnam. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1989.
Call No: DS556.25 D85 1989 (Reference Room 262)

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1996.
Call No: DS557.7 E53 1996 (Reference Room 262)

Directory of the Institutions and Government Officials of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Hanoi, Vietnam: UNDP, 1993.
Call No: DS558.912 D57 1993 (Reference Room 262)

Vietnam Business Directory. Singapore: Crosswin Publication, 1991- .
Call No: HF3800.5 A48 V5 (Regular Size Shelving, latest edition in Reference, Room 262)

The Vietnam War: An Almanac. New York, N.Y.: World Almanac Publications, 1985.
Call No: DS557.7 S57 1985 (Reference Room 262)

The Vietnam War: Handbook of the Literature and Research. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1993.
Call No: DS558 V58 1993 (Reference Room 262)

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An Annotated Index of the Journals Van Su Dia (1954-19590) and Nghien Cuu Lich Su (1960-1981). [Honolulu, Hawaii]: Southeast Asian Studies, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1984.
Call No: DS556.9 A56 1984 (Reference Room 262)

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Summers, Harry G. Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1995.
Call No: DS557.7 S93 1995 (Reference Room 262)

Vu, Tu Lap. An Atlas of Vietnam. Montpellier: Reclus: La Documentation Francaise, 1994.
Call No: HC444 V88 1994 (Geography Library)

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Army Library (U.S.). Peninsular Southeast Asia: A Bibliographic Survey of Literature: Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. Washington, Dept. of the Army; [for sale by the Supt. of Docs. U.S. Govt. Print. Off.] 1972.
Call No: Z3221 U43 1972 (Reference Room 262)

Ashmun, Lawrence F. Resettlement of Indochinese Refugees in the United States: A Selective and Annotated Bibliography. [De Kalb, Ill.]: Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 1983.
Call No: HV640.4 U54 A8 1983 (Reference Room 262)

A Bibliography on Land, Peasants, and Politics for Viet-Nam, Laos, and Cambodia. [Madison, Wis.]: Land Tenure Center, 1972.
Call No: HD320.5 L2575 v.3 (Land Tenure Center Library Reference Collection)

Brune, Lester H. America and the Indochina Wars, 1945-1990: A Bibliographical Guide. Claremont, CA: Regina Books, 1992.
Call No: DS550 B77 1992 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: DS557.7 B87 1984 (Reference Room 262)

Butler, Deborah A. American Women Writers on Vietnam: Unheard Voices: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1990.
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Call No: Z3228 V5 C47 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: Z3228 V5 C6 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: PL3508 .C66 1992 (IMC Reference Stacks)

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Call No: DS556.3 C68 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: HX400 V5 P5 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: Z3228 V5 T47 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: DS557.7 V56618 1990 (Reference Room 262)

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Call No: DS557.7 W57 1989 (Reference Room 262)

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Personalities of the Liberation Movement of South Vietnam. [New York: U.S. Committee to Aid the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, 1965?]
Call No: DS540 A2 S6 (Reference Room 262)

Who's Who in Vietnam. [Saigon]
Call No: CT1630 W4 (Reference Non-Current Collection 2M South)

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Le, Ba Khanh. Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese Dictionary: with a Supplement of New Words English-Vietnamese. New york: Hippocrene Books, 1991.
Call No: PL4376 L4 1991 (Reference Room 262)

Le, Kha Ke. Tu Dien Viet-Phap=Dictionnaire Vietnamien-Francais. [Ha Noi]: Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi, 1989.
Call No: PL4376 T818 1989 (Reference Room 262)

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Clodfelter, Michael. Vietnam in Military Statistics: A History of the Indochina Wars, 1772-1991. Jefferson, N.C.: Mcfarland & Co., 1995.
Call No: DS556.54 C57 1995 (Regular Size Shelving)

McCarty, Adam. Vietnam Data Bank, 1976-1991. Canberra, Australia: National Centre for Development Studies, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, [1992?]
Call No: HA4600.5 M38 1992 (Reference Room 262)

Tran, Hoang Kim. Economy of Vietnam: Reviews and Statistics. Hanoi: Statistical Pub. House, 1992.]
Call No: HC444 T695 1992 (Regular Size Shelving)

Vietnam Economy, 1986-1991: Based on the System of National Accounts. Hanoi: Statistical Pub. House, 1992.
Call No: R65 (Memorial Library Control No. Collection)

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By Henny Linggawati and Carol Mitchell.

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