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Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Handbook & Directory. Bangkok: Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce.
Call No: HF51 A94 (Regular Size Shelving)

The Directory of Women's Development Organizations in Thailand. [Bangkok?]; National Committee on the Development of Women's Information System, National Commission on Women's Affairs, 1992.
Call No: HQ1750.55 D57 1992 (Regular Size Shelving)

Leppert, Paul A. Doing Business with the Thais: A Handbook for Executives. Sebastopol, Calif.: Patton Pacific Press, c1992.
Call No: HC445 L47 1992 (Reference Room 262)

May Kyi Win. Historical Dictionary of Thailand. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, c1995.
Call No: DS563.5 M3 1995 (Reference Room 262)

The MFC Investment Handbook.Bangkok, Thailand: MFC.
Call No: HG4244.655 Z65 M44 (Business Library Reference Collection, First Floor)

The Siam Directory. Bangkok: Tawanna Publishing, 1982- .
Call No: DS563 S54 (Regular Size Shelving)

Thailand, a Country Study. Washington, D.C.: U.S. GPO, 1989.
Call No: DS563.5 T4563 1989 (Regular size Shelving)

Thailand. Krasuang Phatthanakan Haeng Chat. Suan Saranithet. Handbook/Ministry of National Development. [Bangkok, Ministry of National Development, Information Bureau], 1968.
Call No: HC497 S2 A3 (Land Tenure Center Library Reference Collection)

Thailand Law Yearbook 1995. Hong Kong: Asia Law & Practice, 1995.
Call No: KPT B67 T495 1995 (Law Library)

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Datchani Sayamrat Sapdawichan lae Matichon Sutsapda. Krungthepmahanakhon: Samnak Bannasan Kanphatthana, Sathaban Bandit Phatthana Borihansat, [1964-]
Call No: PN5449 T5 D372 (Regular Size Shelving)

Datchani Warasan Thai=Index to Thai Periodical Literature. Phra Nakhon: Khana Ratthaprasasanasat, Mahawitthayalai Thammasat, 1960- .
Call No: AI19 T45 D28 (Reference Room 262)

Penth, Hans. An Annotated Index to the Thailand Part of Ratanapanna's Chronicle Jinakalamali. Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1994.
Call No: Item is in order (Regular Size Shelving)

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Gainey, Jerry W. Language Map of Thailand Handbook. [Bangkok]: Indigenous Languages of Thailand Research Project, Central Institute of English Language, Office of State Universities, 1977
Call No: PL3523 G3 1977 (Reference Room 262)

Phaen Thi 73 Changwat Prathet Thai= The Atlas of Thailand. Chabap Kaekhai Sombun. Krungthep Mahanakhon: Saengrung Kanphim, 1982.
Call No: G2375 P52 1982 (Regular Size Shelving)

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Annotated Statistical Bibliography. [Bangkok: National Statistical Office, Office of the Prime Minister, 1986- .
Call No: Z7554 T48 A52 (Reference Room 262)

Archer, R.W. A Bibliography on Bangkok Land, Development and Planning, 1970-1982. Monticello, Ill.: Vance Bibliographies, 1983.
Call No: Z7164 A2 P78 no.1296 (Reference Room 262)

Bannanukrom dan Satri Suksa 2524-2533=Women's Studies Bibliographies, 1981-1990. Bangkok: National Women's Information Center, National Commission on Women's Affairs, 1995.
Call No: HQ1750.55 B25 1995 (Oversize Shelving)

Chinese in Thailand: An Annotated Bibliography. [Bangkok]: Chulanglongkorn University, Academic Resources Center: Chulanglongkorn University, Social Research Institute, 1983.
Call No: DS570 C5 P55 1983 (Reference Room 262)

Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient. Bibliotheque. Catalogue du Fonds Thai de la Bibliotheque Centrale de l'Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient a Paris. Paris, france: L'Ecole, [1989]
Call No: DS563.5 E25 1989 (Oversize Shelving)

Halpern, Joel Martin. A Preliminary and Partial Bibliography of Miscellaneous Research Materials on Laos with Special Reference to the Mekong Development Scheme. Bruxelles, Centre d'etude du Sud-Est Asiatique et de l'Extreme-Orient, 1971.
Call No: Z3238 L3 H3 (Reference Room 262)

Hart, Donn Vorhis. Thailand: An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies. [De Kalb]: Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Detroit: exclusive distribution by Cellar Book Shop, 1977.
Call No: DS563.5 H28 (Reference Room 262)

Hughes, Philip J. Thai Culture, Values, and Religion: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Materials. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Manuscript Division, Payap College, 1982.
Call No: HM22 T5 H8 1982 (Reference Room 262)

Keyes, Charles F. Southeast Asian Research Tools: Thailand. [Honolulu]: Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1979.
Call No: DS563.5 K48 (Reference Room 262)

Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (Netherlands). Bibliographical Survey of Thailand. Leyden: Library, Royal Institute of Lingustics and Anthropology, 1974.
Call No: DS563.5 I5 (Reference Room 262)

Marasri Siwarak. Catalog of Thai Cremation Volumes in the Charas Collection, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies Library, Kyoto University. [Kyoto]: Center for Southeast asian Studies, Kyoto University, 1989.
Call No: PL4200.5 M37 1989 (Regular Size shelving)

Statistical Bibliography. Bangkok: National Office of Statistics, Office of the Prime Minister, 1961-1976/1983.
Call No: Z7554 T48 A5 (Reference Room 262)

Bannanukrom Haeng Chat=Thai National Bibliography. [Bangkok]: Hosamut Haeng Chat, Krom Sinlapakon,1985- .
Call No: Z3236 B35 (Reference Room 262)

University of Michigan. Library. The Thai (Gedney) Collection of the University of Michigan Library: A Union Catalogue. [Ann Arbor: The Library, 1987].
Call No: DS563 U564 1987 (Reference Room 262)

Watts, Michael. Thailand: World Bibliography Series. Oxford: Clio, c1986.
Call No: DS571 W4 1986 (Reference Room 262)

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Thailand Executives. [Bangkok: Media Research]
Call No: HD38.25 T5 T48 (Regular Size Shelving)

360 Chaoyutthachak Sapha Hin'on. Krung Thep: Borisat Than Setthakit: Chatchamnai doi Borisat Than Ruamho, 2535 [1992].
Call No: JQ1747 A14 1992 (Regular Size Shelving)

Who's Who in Finance & Banking in Thailand. Bangkok: Advance Media Co.
Call No: HG86 W46 (Reference Room 262)

Who's Who in Thailand. [Bangkok, International Pub. and Marketing Co., 1973-]
Call No: DS570.5 W55 (Reference Non-Current Collection 2M South, latest edition in Reference, Room 262)

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Chandaburinarunath, kitiyakara Krommaphra, Prince. Pali-Thai-English-Sanskrit Dictionary. [Bangkok]: Royal Command on the 60th Birthday of Mon Luang Bua Kitiyakara, Consort of Prince Chandaburisuranath, 1969.
Call No: P361 C5 1969 (Reference Room 262)

Danan Chantharuphan. Khmer (Surin)-Thai-English Dictionary. [Bangkok]: Khrongkan Wichai Phasa Thai lae Phasa Phunmuang Thin Tang Tang, Sathaban Phasa, Chulanglongkon Mahawitthayalai, 1978.
Call No: PL4327 D36 1978 (Regular Size Shelving)

Haas, Mary R. Phonetic Dictionary of the Thai Language. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1947.
Call No: PL4188 H3 (Reference Room 262)

So Sethaputra. New Model Thai-English Dictionary. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon: Thai Watthana Phanit, [1992]
Call No: PL4187 S4 1992b (Reference Room 262)

Wit Thiangburanatham. A New Thai-English Dictionary. Krung Thep: Ruam San, 2529 [1986].
Call No: PL4187 W49 1986 (Oversize Shelving)

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Thailand. Report on the 1980 World Census of Agriculture. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1979- .
Call No: HD1421 F66 1980 v.10 (Land Tenure Center Library Reference Collection)

Thailand in Figures. [Bangkok]: Tera International
Call No: HA4600.55 A275 (Oversize Collection)

Thanakhan Haeng Prathet Thai. Annual Economic Report. Bangkok: The Bank.
Call No: HG3350.5 B15 (Land Tenure Center Library Reference Collection)

Wilson, Constance M. Thailand: A Handbook of Historical Statistics. Boston, Mass.: G.K. Hall, c1983.
Call No: HA4600.55 W54 1983 (Reference Room 262)

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