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Andreas, Tomas Quintin D. Dictionary of Filipino Culture and Values. Quezon City: Giraffe Books, 1994.
Call No: DS663 A528 1994 (Reference Room 262)

Demetrio, Francisco R. Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs. Cagayan de Oro City: Xavier University, 1991.
Call No: GR325 D442 1991 (Reference Room 262)

The Fookien Times Philippines Yearbook. [Manila, Fookien Times], 1975- .
Call No: DS651 F66 (Oversize Collection, latest edition in Reference, Room 262

A Guide to Philippine Economic and Business Information Sources. Metro Manila: Makati Business Club, 1990- .
Call No: HC451 G84 (Reference Room 262)

Philippine Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Quezon City: Philippine Social Science Council, 1993- .
Call No: H41 P47 1993 (Reference Room 262)

Philippine Yearbook. Manila, Republic of the Philippines, National Economic and Development Authority, National Census and Statistics Office, 1971.
Call No: DS651 P37 (Regular Size Shelving, latest edition in Reference, Room 262)

Women's Resource Directory. Manila: National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, 1989.
Call No: HV1448 P6 W65 1989 (Reference Room 262)

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Holt, E.M. A Preliminary Index to the United States congressional and Governmental Documents set and to the Congressional Record re the Philippine Islands. Townsville, Australia: Centre for South East Asian Studies, James Cook University, 1985.
Call No: DS655 H65 1985 (Reference Room 262)

Index to Philippine Periodicals. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Library, 1955- .
Call No: AI3 I63 (Reference Room 262)

Index to Plays, 1946-1967. Diliman: University of the Philippines Library, 1970.
Call No: PN2911.5 U55 1970 (Regular Size Shelving)

Literary Index , 1932-1945. Diliman: University of the Philippines Library, 1971.
Call No: PR9797 P6 Q78 (Regular Size Shelving)

Manila Times Index. Quezon City: The Library, University of the Philippines, 1946-1969.
Call No: Micro Film 3038 Index (Microforms/Media Center Room 443)

Mata, Maria Nena R. The Fookien Times Yearbook Master Index, 1936-1980. [Manila?: Fookien Times Yearbook Publishing Co.?, 1983?]
Call No: DS666 C5 M257 1983 (Reference Room 262)

Mata, Maria Nena R. Index to Philippine Plays. Metro, Manila, Philippines: National Book Store, 1984.
Call No: PR9550.3 M275 1984 (Reference Room 262)

Mata, Maria Nena. Philippine Essay and General Literature Index. Metro Manila, Philippines: National Book Store, 1984.
Call No: PR9550.8 S5 P53 1976 (Reference Room 262)

Mata, Maria Nena. Philippine Short Story Index. [Manila]: Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University, 1976.
Call No: PR9550 M275 1984 (Regular size Shelving)

Philippine Business and Industry Index. Manila, Philippines: Library Integrated Services Cooperative, 1980- .
Call No: HC451 P49 (Reference Room 262)

Philippine Daily Express Index. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Libraries, 1972-1984.
Call No: Film 6880 (Microforms/Media Center Room 443)

PhilippineTreaties Index, 1946-1982. Manila, Philippines: Foreign Service Institute, 1983.
Call No: JX907.5 P45 1983 (Regular Size Shelving)

University of the Philippines. Library. Index to Philippine Periodical Literature, 1946-1967. Quezon City, [1972].
Call No: PN5422 Q8 (Reference Room 262)

Zapanta-Manlapaz, Edna. Index to Filipino Poetry in English, 1905-1950. Manila: National Book Store, 1988.
Call No: PR9550.6 I53 1988 (Reference Room 262)

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The Philippine Atlas. Manila: The Fund, 1975.
Call No: G2391 G1 F8 1975 (Reference Atlas Case Room 262)

McFarland, Curtis D. A Linguistics Atlas of the Philippines. Tokyo: Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1980.
Call No: G2391 E3 M4 1980 (Geography Library)

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Archdiocesan Archives of Manila. Archdiocesan Archives of Manila: A Catalogue of Archival Documents, Testaments and Holdings. Manila: Archdiocesan Archives of Manila, 1994.
Call No: CD2239 M2 A73 1994 (Reference Room 262)

Ayala Museum. Filipiniana Collection. [Makati, Metro Manila]: The Museum, 1983.
Call No: Microfilm 6879 (Microforms/Media Center Room 443)

Baradi, Edita. Southeast Asia Research tools: the Philippines. [Honolulu (Hawaii)]: Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1979.
Call No: DS511 B37 (Reference Room 262)

Baretje, Rene. Le Tourisme en Indonesie, en Malaisie et Aux Philippines: Essai Bibliographique. Aix-en-Provence: Centre des hautes Etudes Touristiques, Fondation Vasarely, [1992]
Call No: G155 I5 B37 1992 (Reference Room 262)

Bernardo, Gabriel A. Bibliography of Philippine Bibliographies, 1593-1961. Quezon city, Ateneo University Press, 1968.
Call No: Z3291 A1 B45 (Reference Room 262)

A Bibliography of Library Resources on Women. Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines: National Women's Information Network, [1990].
Call No: HQ1757 B53 1990 (Reference Room 262)

Doeppers, Daniel F. Philippine Labor Periodicals & Newspapers, 1900-1941: An Annotated International Union. Madison, Wis.: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986.
Call No: HD8714 D64 1986 (Regular Size Shelving)

Doeppers, Daniel F. Union Catalog of Selected Bureau Reports and Other Official Serials of the Philippines, 1908-1941. [Madison]: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980.
Call No: Z3291 D63 1980 (Reference Room 262)

Gupit, Fortunato. A Guide to Philippine Legal Materials: A Text on Philippine Legal Bibliography, Philippine Legal History, Philippine Legal System, Legal Philosophy, Methods of Legal Research. Manila, Philippines: Rex Book Store, 1993.
Call No: Ref KPM47 G87 1993 (Law Library Reference Collection)

Hendrickson, Gail R. A Bibliography of Philippine Language Dictionaries and Vocabularies. Manila: Linguistic Society of the Philippines, 1991.
Call No: PL5523 H453 1991 (Reference Room 262)

Jose, Regalado Trota. Impreso: Philippine Imprints, 1593-1811. [Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines]: Fundacion Santiago, 1993.
Call No:Z3298 A3 J67 1993 (Reference Room 262)

Library of Congress. Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1903.
Call No: Z3291 U5 (Reference Room 262)

Library of Congress. Philippine Holdings in the Library of Congress, 1960-1987: A Bibliography. Washington, DC.: U.S. GPO, 1993.
Call No: DS655 R53 1989 (Reference Room 262)

Lopez Memorial Museum. Catalogue of Filipiniana Materials in the Lopez Memorial Museum. Pasay City: The Museum, 1962- .
Call No: Z3299 M34 (Reference Room 262)

Orbase, Lily O. Bibliography of Philippine Bibliographies, 1962-1985. Manila: Bibliography Division, National Library, 1987.
Call No: DS654 O725 1987 (Reference Room 262)

Philippine Materials in Microform as of 1994. Loyola Heights, Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University, 1994.
Call No: DS655 P55 1994 (Reference Room 262)

Retana, W.E. Aparato Bibliografico de la Historia General de Filipinas Deducido de la Collecion que Posee en Barcelona la Compania General de Tabacos de Dichas Islas. Manila: P.B. Ayuda, 1964.
Call No: Z3291 R4 1964 (Reference Room 262)

Richardson, Jim. Philippines. Oxford: Clio, 1989.
Call No: DS655 R53 1989 (Reference Room 262)

Saito, Shiro. Philippine-American Relations: A Guide to Manuscript Sources in the United States. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1982.
Call No: E185.8 P5 P47 1982 (Reference Room 262)

Saito, Shiro and Alice W. Mak. Philippine Newspapers: An International Union List. Honolulu, Hawaii: Philippine Studies Program, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii, [1984].
Call No: Z6958 P5 S32 1984 (Reference Room 262)

Turner, Mark M. Doctoral Research on the Philippines in Australian Universities, 1965-1988. Canberra: Dept. of Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1988.
Call No: DS667.28 T87 1988 (Reference Room 262)

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture: Dance. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1989.
Call No: GV1703 P4 U56 1989 (Oversize Shelving)

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture: Music. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1989.
Call No: ML136 A1 U5 1989 (Reference Room 262)

Union Catalog on Philippine Culture: Theater. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines Library, 1990.
Call No: PN2911 U49 1990 (Music Library)

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Directory of Filipino Writers Past & Present. Manila: CTM Enterprises, 1974.
Call No: PL5531 D48 (Reference Room 262)

Filipinos in History. Manila, Philippines: National Historical Institute, 1989-1990.
Call No: DS676.8 A1 F55 1989 (Reference Room 262)

Manuel, E. Arsenio. Dictionary of Philippine Biography. Quezon City, Filipiniana Publications, 1955- .
Call No: DS653.7 M3 (Reference Room 262)

The Philippines Who's Who. Metro Manila: Who's Who Publishers, 1981.
Call No: CT1796 P47 1981 (Reference Non-Current Collection 2M South)

UMPIL Directory of Filipino Writers. Manila, Philippines: UMPIL, 1991.
Call No: PL5534 U664 1991 (Reference Room 262)

Valeros, Florentino B. Filipino Writers in English: (A Biographical and Bibliographical Directory). Quezon City, Philippines: New day Publishers, 1987.
Call No: PR9550 V34 1987 (Reference Room 262)

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Cabonce, Rodolfo. An English Cebuano Visayan Dictionary. Metro Manila, Philippines: National Book Store, 1983.
Call No: PL5649.4 C3 1983 (Reference Room 262)

Constantino, Ernesto. Ilokano Dictionary. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1971.
Call No: PL5753 C6 (Reference Room 262)

Diksyunaryong Filipino-English. Pasig, Metro Manila: Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, 1993.
Call No: PL6055 D55 1993 (Reference Room 262)

English, Leo James. English-Tagalog Dictionary. [Manila]: Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, 1984.
Call No: PL6056 E48 1989 (Reference Room 262)

English, Leo James. Tagalog-English Dictionary. [Manila?, Philippines]: Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, 1986.
Call No: PL6056 E49 1986 (Reference Room 262)

JVP English-Filipino Thesaurus-Dictionary. Metro, Manila: Mhelle L Publications, 1988.
Call No: PL6056 J16 1988 (Reference Room 262)

Santos, Vito C. Vicassan's Pilipino-English Dictionary. Metro Manila: National Book Store, 1988.
Call No: PL6056 S34 (Regular Size Shelving)

Zorc, R. David Paul. Tagalog Slang Dictionary. Manila: De la Salle University Press, 1993.
Call No: PL6056 Z6 1993 (Reference Room 262)

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Compendium of Philippine Social Statistics. [Manila]: National Statistical Coordination Board, Economic and Social Statistics Office.
Call No: HN714 C66 (Regular Size Shelving)

Factbook Philippines . Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines: FactsPhil, 1993- .
Call No: DS655 F327 (Reference Room 262)

Philippines. National Statistical Coordination Board. Inventory of Statistics Available in Government. Manila: National Statistical Coordination Board, 1993.
Call No: HA37 P55 1993 (Reference Room 262)

Philippine Agribusiness Factbook and Directory. [Metro Manila: CRC]
Call No: HD9016 P52 P45 (Steenbock library)

Philippine Statistical Yearbook. Manila: The Authority, 1977- .
Call No: HA1821 P4 (Regular Size Shelving)

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By Henny Linggawati and Carol Mitchell.

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