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See also: Internet Resources for East Timor.

The following selective list of books and articles is intended to help readers better understand the history of East Timor and its struggle against Indonesia. The British Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners publishes a journal, TAPOL, which has devoted considerable space to East Timor issues. Those interested in U.S. policy should consult the Government Publications Index which cites Congressional hearings as well as State Department publications.

A broad spectrum of issues and perspectives included in this list highlight the materials available to faculty and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more complete listing of resources consult the Electronic Library, printed bibliographies and indexes found in the Reference Department of Memorial Library, or the collection of Internet Resources about East Timor available through this Web site. The Electronic Library: Indexing and Abstracting Databases: Area and International Studies might be useful also.

East Timor Bibliography and Articles TimorNet, Universidade de Coimbra. Very comprehensive listing of articles and monographs with links to full-text articles.

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