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Southeast Asia Guide

Southeast Asia Guide

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Access Indonesia Project.
Australasian Music Industry Directory: Indonesia.
The CIA Factbook and other information. Washington, D.C.: United States, Central Intelligence Agency.
Indocenter. Indonesian Portal.
Indonesia: Selected Internet Resources. (Portals to the World, Library of Congress)
Indonesia: A Country Study. Federal Research Division, Library of Congress.
Indonesian Internet Sites. National Library of Australia.
Indonesian.Net. Travel, Business, History.
Museum Nasional Indonesia. The Indonesian National Museum.
Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia National Library.
Media Kerjabudaya.
WWWVL-Indonesia: Society and Culture. Coombs Computing Services, Australian National University.
An Analysis and Visualization of the Risk Associated with the Potential Failure of Indonesian Nuclear Reactors by John Taylor and Drew Whitehouse. Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University, 1996.
Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law: Indonesia.
Asian Development Bank: Indonesia.
Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesian government's bureau of statistics.
Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta
Chiefs of State and Cabinet, Indonesia. Washington, D.C.: United States, Central Intelligence Agency, May, 2004.
Government Sites. Portal Nasional Republik Indonesia.
Governments on the WWW: Indonesia. Links to websites of governmental institutions and political parties in Indonesia.
Countries: Indonesia. World Bank Office: Jakarta.
Ministry of Education and Culture. Republic of Indonesia.
United Nations in Indonesia.
The Netherlands’ Colonial Heritage.
Sejarah Indonesia. Indonesia History Timeline.
WWWVL-Indonesia: History. Coombs Computing Services, Australian National University.
Indonesia. Ethnologue Database.
Indonesian Master Dictionary. Indonesian Multilingual Machine Translation System, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia. Indonesian - English - Indonesian Online Dictionary.
SEASite Indonesia. Center for SEA Studies, Northern Illinois University.
INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Indonesia.
Meta-Guide to Indonesia. An annotated Bibliography of post-1990 Bibliographies on Indonesia

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