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Annuaire de l'Afrique du Nord.
Paris: Centre national de la recherche scientifique. 1962-

For those interested in Islamic North Africa this is an underrated gem. Each year's "Bibliographie" runs to several hundred pages and is especially strong on indigenous populations in Arabic, French, and Berber. Many items are annotated, some extensively, and books and journal articles are included, as well as the occasional newspaper. The "Bibliographie" is divided into several standard classifications but is otherwise not easily accessible since, in the best French tradition, there are no indexes. Moreover, in 1997 the latest volume available covers 1994. Despite these handicaps, no one seriously interested in the Naghreb can afford to overlook this source.

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Holdings: Vols. 1 (1962) - 33 (1994)
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Current Contents of Periodicals on the Middle East.
Tel Aviv University, Shiloah Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Documentation Section. Tel-Aviv : The Center, 1980-

This is issued quarterly by the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University. It exemplifies the familiar "current contents" format in that it is composed of xerographic reproductions of table of contents pages from a wide range of journals, many of them fairly obscure and including Semitic as well as western languages. Nothing more than the table of contents pages are included, making efficient use of CCPME difficult if not impossible. Just the same it is worth perusing regularly because of its unusual coverage.

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Call number: DS41 C87
Holdings: No. 1 - present

Index Islamicus.
Paris: Centre national de la recherche scientifique. 1962-

Called Index Islamicus from 1906 to 1985, and then Quarterly Index Islamicus until 1992, this (still quarterly) bibliography has reverted to its former title. Typically divided into a large (ca. 100) classifications, each issue covers the Islamic world from the Maghrib to the Phillippines, as well as Muslims in diaspora. Books, articles, and book reviews are all included, although there is no attempt to be comprehensive with the first of these. Happily, each issue contains both subject and name indexes, the latter including authors, editors, translators, and people as subjects. Since each item is numbered, this renders Index Islamicus the most accessible of the bibliographies dealing with the Muslim world. It is also reasonably current--most items in it appear within a year of their publication. All in all, this is a reasonable first choice for a printed bibliography, but it should be used, whenever possible, along with Index of Islamic Literature (q.v.)

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Index of Islamic Literature
Leicester, U.K.: Islamic Foundation.

This appears as a supplement to each quarterly issue of Muslim World Book Review. Modeled on Index Islamicus, it is designed to complement this by including materials representing the Muslim perspective. Thus the overlap between the two is surprisingly low, given their virtually identical geographical and chronological coverage. Each issue includes an author and a non-authored title index and (more recently) a list of periodicals consulted and a list of cross-references. Not as complete or as ambitious as Index Islamicus, Index of Islamic Literature should nonetheless be treated as a necessary tool for offering materials from a more doctrinally Islamic perspective.

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Call number: BP1 M87 Supp.
Holdings: Vols. 10 (1987) - present

"Bibliography of Periodical Literature."
Published in: Middle East Journal
Washington: Middle East Institute. 1947-

Appearing in each quarterly issue of Middle East Journal and containing 500 or more entries each time, this bibliography concentrates on current issues and is very much up to date. Entries are terse but intelligible and book reviews as well as articles are included. A list of journals canvassed is included in the Fall number of Middle East Journal each year. Unfortunately this bibliography is neither cumulated nor indexed, but is not so large that consulting it regularly is onerous. Consultation is faciltitated by its being organized into about fifteen classifications.

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David Henige
African Studies Bibliographer

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