A Guide to Islamic North Africa and the Middle East

A Description of the Memorial Library Collection

The Middle East collections at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are not among the strongest in the country, but have gained strength with the establishment of the Middle East Studies Program in the late 1980s. It is fair to say that Egypt and North Africa have, relatively speaking, the strongest collections, a by-product of the strong African Studies collections on campus. Monographic and periodical literature from every Islamic Middle East country is represented in the collection, as are government publications--where again North Africa is the strongest. Few newspapers are held, most in western languages, though a few in Arabic. Other areas of the Islamic world (Pakistan and Bangladesh in particular) have benefitted from the PL-480 program. Muslims in diaspora are fairly well-represented, at least for Europe.

David Henige
African Studies Bibliographer

Al-salaam 'alaykum
Al-salaam 'alaykum - May peace be with you

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