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Librarians at UW have created guides on a multitude of topics. The entire list of Research Guides is available by topic.

The Ibero-American Studies Collection also has created guides related to our research areas.

You may also find the library's general guides on conducting research useful.

About Bibliographies and Citations

What is a bibliography? “A systematic list of books or other works.”

Studies in Bibliography, a journal about bibliography and textual criticism from the University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin-Madison's Writing Center Handbook provides helpful information on compiling bibliographies

Bibliographies on Iberoamerican Topics




Human Rights

Puerto Rico


  • NAFTA information from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Executive Office of the President

Women Studies

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Reference Collection

Reference materials that cover Ibero-American topics may be found in Memorial Library's Reference Collection, room 262.

Items in the Reference Collection may only be used within the library. They do not circulate. However, you may photocopy or scan these items at many locations within Memorial Library.

If an item you find in MadCat is located in the Reference Collection, this information will be displayed at the bottom of the record.Location: Memorial Library Reference Stacks, 2 South (non-circulating)

Reference Materials

Items within the Reference Collection tend to include:
  • Dictionaries (both language and topical)
  • Encyclopedias
  • Bibliographies (lists of resources on a specific topic)
  • Research handbooks and guides
  • Catalogs
  • Atlases and maps
  • Directories
Reference materials hold a wealth of statistical, governmental and background information. The items pertinent to our collection may be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Ibero-American Research Libraries, Special Libraries and Archives

The most efficient way to search holdings of other libraries is to use WorldCat. If you have questions about searching and obtaining materials through WorldCat, check out this WorldCat tutorial.

Notable Ibero-American studies collections are listed below.

International Organizations

  • Organization of American States

    The OAS includes all 35 independent nations in the Americas, with information in a variety of languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.) They publish annual reports, as well as topical reports based on subcommittee groups, like Human Rights, Education, Law and Sustainable Development.

  • United Nations

    The UN publishes a plethora of information on a wide variety of issues and in many languages. Their reports can be accessed by broad topic within "Resources and Services" under "Publications." You may also access the UN Library collections, documents about the UN and maps within "Resources and Services."

  • Amnesty International

    The "Library" link provides access to AI's pubications. "Human Rights Information" from the main page allows access to information by country.

  • Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración

    Composed of 12 Latin American countries, ALADI favors creating an area of economic preference in Latin America. They publish a wide variety of economic and statistical reports in Spanish language.

  • Association of Caribbean States

    The ACS hosts events focusing on Trade, Transport, Sustainable Tourism and Natural Disasters in the Caribbean region. A summary of their work can be found under "FAQ." They publish papers online under each of their four focus areas.

  • Earthwatch

    A good source on information on climate change, Earthwatch funds researh globally and publishes these results.

  • Center for International Policy

    CIP is an organization that promotes responsible foreign policy within the Americas. In their "About Us" section, they clearly list their funding sources. CIP publishes approximately 4 reports annually, focusing on different projects within their mission statement.

  • Food and Agriculture Organization

    The FAO is part of the United Nations, working to end world hunger. Much like the UN, the FAO publishes detailed reports often. These can be found through their "Publications" link. The website may also be browsed topically.

  • Inter-American Development Bank

    Conducting social and economic research and development projects within the Americas, the IADB publishes current news and reports.

  • Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe

    INTAL is a part of the IADB, focusing more specifically on trade. Their publications are available in Spanish language.

  • Comisión Económico para América Latina y el Caribe

    CEPAL is one of five regional comissions of the United Nations. Its focus is the economic development of Latin America. The site contains useful Research, Publications and Statistics.

  • World Trade Organization

    The WTO is a global organization that negotiates trade between nations. A useful way to navigate the website is through the "Resources for..." section at the left of the page.

  • Sistema de Información sobre Comercio Exterior

    SICE is the Organization of American States Foreign Trade Information System. Their focus is on trade policy in the Americas, and they provide documentation of trade agreements and devlopments.

  • Worldbank

    The World Bank focuses on providing financial assistance to countries around the world by providing loans, credit and grants. They conduct research and issue reports regularly on economic conditions globally.

Ibero-American Electronic Text Series

Ibero-American Electronic Text Series

This collection of electronic texts is devoted to Latin American and Iberian works in the humanities spanning from the Medieval period to the present. The collection currently consists of over thirty-five titles that have been encoded from their original documentary form to make full-text searching possible.

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