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Trisha's portrait

Trisha Adamus
Data, Network, and Translational Research Librarian

(608) 263-0258

Allan's portrait

Allan Barclay
Information Architecture Librarian

(608) 262-3957

Mary's portrait

Mary Christie
Library Services Assistant

(608) 262-6524

Ann's portrait

Ann Combs
Basic & Applied Science Liaison

(608) 263-4414

Adrian's portrait

Adrian Gay
InfoCommons Technology Manager

(608) 263-7779

Mary's portrait

Mary Hitchcock
Health Sciences Librarian

(608) 263-9332

Christopher's portrait

Christopher Hooper-Lane
Clinical Sci Team Lead and Medical Education

(608) 263-9324

Stephen's portrait

Stephen Johnson
Clinical Sciences Informationist & Outreach Librarian

(608) 262-8255

Joe's portrait

Joe King
Library Services Supervisor

(608) 262-6914

Marie's portrait

Marie Koch
Administrative Staff

(608) 262-5993

Amanda's portrait

Amanda Lambert
Library Services Assistant

(608) 262-4432

Heidi's portrait

Heidi Marleau
Associate Director

(608) 262-1174

Diane's portrait

Diane Mueller
Circulation/Service Desk Staff

(608) 262-6583

Sue's portrait

Sue Murray
Library Services Assistant

(608) 262-5375

Carol's portrait

Carol Noreen
Library Services Assistant

(608) 262-6362

Andrew's portrait

Andrew Osmond
Information Resources Coordinator

(608) 265-4020

Rhonda's portrait

Rhonda Sager
Access Services & Facilities Coord; Liaison for Global Health, Pharmacy and Public Health

(608) 262-2372

Julie's portrait

Julie Schneider

(608) 263-5755

Micaela's portrait

Micaela Sullivan-Fowler
Curator/History of Health Sciences Librarian, Head of Marketing and Communications

(608) 262-2402

Lia's portrait

Lia Vellardita
Health Sciences Librarian

(608) 263-9089

Michael's portrait

Michael Venner
Health Sciences Librarian

(608) 263-9047

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