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Portrait Unavailable Memorial Library, Room 170 (608) 262-7821

Erin's portrait
Carrillo, Erin
Information Services Librarian
Steenbock Library, 119 Steenbock Library (608) 890-2684

Portrait Unavailable Memorial Library, Room 431 (608) 890-1809

Jeanette's portrait
Casey, Jeanette
Head of Mills Music Library / Music & Dance Librarian
Mills Music Library (Charles H.), B162A Memorial Library (608) 263-1884
(608) 263-2721

Tom's portrait
Caw, Tom
Music Public Services Librarian
Mills Music Library (Charles H.), B162B Memorial Library (608) 262-8863

Portrait Unavailable
Celis Carbajal, Paloma
Latin American & Iberian Studies Librarian
Memorial Library, Room 212A (608) 262-3240

Portrait Unavailable
Chou, Chiu-Chuang Lu
Senior Special Librarian
Data and Information Services Center, Room 3308 Social Science Building (608) 262-0750
(608) 262-9836

Mary's portrait
Christie, Mary
Library Services Assistant
Ebling Library, Room 2350C (608) 262-6524

Portrait Unavailable Herbarium Library, Room 158 (608) 262-5128

Michael's portrait
Cohen, Michael
Interim Head of Cataloging
Memorial Library, Room 324 (608) 262-3246

Ann's portrait
Combs, Ann
Basic & Applied Science Liaison
Ebling Library, Room 2333 (608) 263-4414

Crague's portrait
Cook, Crague
Computer & Media Center Technology Operations Specialist
College Library, 2251 College Library (608) 262-9247

Portrait Unavailable Historical Society, Room 223 (608) 261-9360

Vicky's portrait
Coulter, Vicky
Assistant Director for Collections and Technical Services
Law Library, Room 5340 (608) 263-4325

Portrait Unavailable Historical Society, Room 303 (608) 264-6522

Portrait Unavailable
Crinion, Jackie
Head of Acquisitions Department
Memorial Library, Room 330 (608) 262-2619

Portrait Unavailable
Croushore, Carl
Library Services Asst., Adv/Ld
Memorial Library, 170 Memorial Library (608) 262-1437

Portrait Unavailable
Croushore, Renee
Library Services Asst., Adv/Ld
Physics Library, 4220 Chamberlin Hall (608) 262-9500

Renee's portrait
Croushore, Renee
Library Services Asst-Adv/Lead
Memorial Library, B106D Memorial Library (608) 890-1977

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